A bag you'd like Louis Vuitton to make?

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  1. I would love for them to come out with the Beverly MM in Vernis. And the Riveting in MC. Those would be sooo pretty!
  2. 1. MC speedy 25 2. Passy with a zipper 3. bucket with a zipper 4. Small MC print on a bigger bag 5. Azur ludlow 6. cross-body bag with zipper and compartments but still small
  3. Although the Tango has been discontinued, I would love to see something whimsical on this bag.
  4. 1) Monogram Groom Speedies and Messenger Bags
    2) Mini Lin Bosphore-style Messenger Bag (would be so beautiful)
    3) Cerises Messenger
    4) Vernis Messenger
    5) Damier bags with the Groom print
  5. A bag for my skates. Those babies need a good home after all those years
  6. Azur pap!
  7. - damier speedy 35 - epi viva cite gm - epi saleya
  8. Oh I too would love a mc speedy 25! I am still waiting for them to come out with the speedy 27 - - - halfway between a speedy 25 and a 30.
  9. I would also love an MC Speedy 25, but also, Cabbas Piano Damier, Azur Mini Noe, MC Mini Noe, Vernis Speedy 25, MC Pap, Vernis Sophie...and I am sure I'll think of more!
  10. A beverly MM and GM would be so nice in vernis!! I also wish they would re-release the peppermint color in vernis, it was soooo unique!
  11. Was the light blue part of that? I love the light blue!
  12. Thompson Street in Pomme Vernis Please!!!!! *drools*
  13. Riveting in MC would be TDF! I'd thought of that as well:smile:
  14. -Damier Azur Messenger [something along the lines of a Bosphore Messenger GM]
    -Suhali bags for men [something along the lines of a Kasbek or a messenger]
    -A digicam bag big enough for my camera [something like a Wapity, but a bit bigger]
  15. damier/taiga/epi carryall
    more epi mens bag
    taiga keepall