a bag to brighten your day! (PICS)

  1. hi everyone!

    i just got a new bag...it's the Kale Lyndon Tote in Mustard...and geez am I on love with this one!! I got her on Shopbop.com on sale for $299 retail $598...I've been waiting and waiting for this bag to go on sale and once I saw it marked down I snatched it up!:rolleyes: I've always wanted a bag with great color and I decided to go with yellow and surprisingly it matches with a lot of outfits!

    I think what I love most about this bag are the patent yellow and accents and of course...the lining. gotta check out the lining! it's a fushia pink/purple suede and it's TDF!!:drool:

    so here are the pics and i highly recommend getting a Kale, the leather is great!
    DSC04198.JPG DSC04200.JPG DSC04222.JPG
  2. oooh! pretty. you just made me want to keep my yellow bulga!
  3. OMG - I'm in LOOOVE!!!! And suede lining to boot for THAT price???? AWESOME!!
  4. Oh that's a great bag and it looks so nice on you!

    But that picture of by the flowers is just perfect..that definitely brightened my day, thank you! :yes:
  5. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  6. VERY NICE! :drool: CONGRATS!!
  7. sweet bag!
  8. Really beautiful bag...I love the shape and the color is TDF!!! Congratulations.
  9. thanks everyone i love my yellow kale!! i think my next mission is to get a eggplant colored bag, then a nice blue and then a red one...no more basic black for me!
  10. I love it! No mustard left on Shopbop but I might have to get the chocolate for fall.
  11. it looks SO good on you!!! congrats and enjoy!
  12. I have the Kale Tate in mustard and it's great, but yours with the patent may be even better.
  13. I love that color! Congrats!
  14. Simply Gorgeous!
  15. that bag would sure brighten up my day if i had it. it looks so spunky and outgoing and would just probably do the talking for the new people that it attracts