A bag that goes with anything?

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  1. So, needing your opinions dear ladies. I'm looking for another timeless, classic Chanel bag that'll go with anything. Maybe another flap, since I only have the black medium (am reconsidering the white caviar). My wardrobe tends for darker colors, with some bright hues scattered here 'n there. What would you recommend? OR would you still think I should go for the medium classic flap in white caviar with GH?
  2. I think the white caviar flap is TDF! It's more of a summer bag IMO so that's something to consider.
    Would you be opposed to colors? Red, torquoise, purple, etc.
    How a about another size? Jumbo?
  3. Dont get white if you have many dark colours clothes. Even caviar might hv transfer colour. U'll never want to take that risk.

    All I know, next season will be so many yummie colours, pink, yellow, red coral (if Im not wrong) and many more colour will come, especially for cruise collection. But all of them in lambskin only. No caviar.
  4. Oooh hmm that's an issue. I definitely want caviar, I don't really want to have to baby my bags too much. Plus I went into a boutique two days ago and liked the caviar look better. Also tried on a jumbo and that looked laughable on me, it's gotta be a medium or smaller.

    I'm.. not that much of an adventurous person anymore, currently upgrading my wardrobe from showing skin left and right (ahh, to be a teenager again..) to iconic classics that I can mix and match and wear for a long time. So the same principle applies to my bag, I would love to have a brightly colored bag, but probably not something that's classic as Chanel. Kind of old person mind in young person body, KWIM? I think my wardrobe may be less darkly colored than I think.. haha.

    kwongkittroch hey again! You always give me the best advice. Yep, I would use the white caviar mostly for spring and summer. I'm looking for another day to night, casual and formal bag. (I think two of these bags total would be perfect, so one gets the chance to rest for half the year.) Want to get it before the price increase though, so am reconsidering my reconsider.
  5. I know what your saying about buying neutrals. I always tend to go for black or white and when I do buy colors, I don't use them as much. As much as I adore them, it just doesn't happen...
    I think red is considered a classic and a neutral too, so you may want to think about a medium red flap. It could easily take you from day to night and you wouldn't have to worry as much about color transfer.
    That being said, I don't think you can go wrong w/ white caviar. You may have to be more careful, but the bag is TDF and I think you're really going to love it.
    Good luck making your decision!
  6. Having made the quantum leap from black to colors, last year I added the white caviar medium flap and it's been the purse du summer. I've used it the entire season almost without exception. It goes with virtually everything in the wardrobe. It's a great purse and have no fear with caviar. It's not my fave but for a white Chanel, it's the only way to go, imho. A wipe down with a baby wipe, if need be and I'll do it again before she goes in the box come Fall, all ready for next summer.

    How did I go so long without it? (DOH!)
  7. White caviar is very durable, but white scares me. I would also recommend a gray reissue. The current one is a paler gray than the original 2005 version, and I think that is also very versatile for lighter colors and not as intense as black. Good luck for your hunt-- you won't be disappointed!
  8. the only thing here is pre treating the leather since its caviar may be easier in a way cuz juz pre treat with some protector theres alot of threads on this and use it with not fear after that some tips might say to use wipes after use and storage, and every now and then to get some chanel spa, i want a white one too, i dont think i would have second thoughts.
  9. I think white caviar with GHW is to die for!!! I have been eyeing this bag for a while now. I had the concern like you not wanting to baby the bag too much thats why caviar is the way to go!! Post modelling pics once you get it ya!!
  10. Heh, ladies, thank you for the wonderful opinions! Am faxing over my details to the boutique right now, I should have my white flap later this week. I absolutely :heart: Chanel and everyone in this forum, I feel this is one of the most responsive and friendly subforums here.
  11. ^ Wow, I love the white with G/H. Congratulations, can't wait to see your pics later this week!
  12. Ooh congratulations! Can't wait to see pics!
  13. Woo hoo, you went for it!!! Please post pics here once you receive it. I love white Chanel bags. They look very crisp, clean, and classy. You definitely won't regret it.
  14. As I'm waiting for the last form to be emailed over for me to sign.. (import customs form, oh my I'm a little leery of having so much personal info floating out there), I'm looking at my wardrobe and wondering what my new flap wouldn't go with. Help me bear the wait by imagining everything that would not go with it (and thus I have an excuse to go shopping.. teeheehee)!

    I would imagine anything with dark colors top and bottom would make the white pop out too much. How about black jeans and a deep purple top? Would a white bag with that be too odd? Brown + white bag? Any other fashion no's with a white flap?