a bag should close!

  1. dear coach,
    when a bag costs several hundred dollars, it should close fully. this means no dog-leash closures that don't really protect anything, and no zippers that go halfway across.

    thank you
  2. I agree, although the post is random! LOL!
  3. I think you make a good point, but not everyone likes bags that close. I don't think some of the totes would look as cute if they zipped.
  4. I like some of the totes because they are open, and other bags because they close. They serve different purposes for me!
  5. I agree like the ergo totes they have clips but would look silly with a zipper!
  6. I agree with you
  7. I like that some bags have closures and that some don't. I think Coach
    decides which bag will have a full closure based on the design and style
    of the bag. I agree that the Ergos would not look so good with zippers.
    I really love the Ergo Tote and I love the easy access to all of my things
    with the dogleash closure.
  8. I like purses that zip or snap to close and totes that have an open top -- just my personal preference! :yes:
  9. I like the totes that have open tops, makes it easier for me to get in.

    Though other times, like on pouches, I like the zipper there.

    The snap flaps really annoy me sometimes, I can never match them together to make them really close, like on my Soho flap...
  10. I agree that some bags, also those of other brands like the Fendi Spy will look horrid if it close!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I sense something has fallen out onto the floor....
  12. I agree!!

    I don't know how my hamptons tote or ergo tote would look with a full zipper/zipper at all, BUT after travelling to several cities where pickpocketing is a major issue, im always very conscious of the openings of my bags & get nervous that someone will take something out from the back when it's on my shoulder, no matter how careful i am (based on experience)...

    so, i hear your pain ;)
  13. I don't do well with open purses. Something is always falling out. I agree that zippers don't look good on some styles.
  14. I agree that from a style perspective, not all bags look good with zippers. :tdown: But in the world of crooks we live in, from a safety & practical standpoint, yes, I think they should! Its not as much of an issue for me b/c although I live in a major city, its not a pedestrian city & the most congested walking I do is in a mall:lol:. But if I lived in a major pedestrian city like NYC or DC or spent a lot of time on public transportation I would NEVER even consider buying a bag with an open top.:tdown:
  15. I like open top bags, dog leash closure bags, and zipper bags.

    I do not, however, like those bags that zip MOST of the way across but at each end there is a gap. Only because the zipper comes completely apart and it bothers me to have to put it together each time I want to zip my bag.

    Personal preference, though :yes: