A bag or jewellery?

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  1. My boyfriend knows i love bags and he offered to buy me a nice bag. I do tend to get bored of things easily and i am scared to spend his hard earned money on something. There are a few bags that i love

    Tods d bag bauletto
    a large Chanel tote from the fall collection
    Vuitton totally mm

    The thing is these bags are expensive and i feel weird about spending so much on bags, it used to be no biggie for me. I bought and sold so many bags i find it hard to know if something will work for me. I could also get some jewellery like diamond studs that i can wear forever. Is it weird to get diamonds before marriage and kids, should it be something for later? What would you do?

    Thanks ladies:biggrin:
  2. I will choose for the diamond studs or other kind of jewelry if I were you. As what you've said you bought and sold bags, why not try for a jewelry this time? Getting a diamond or any kind of jewelry from your BF is not weird at all, it's pretty normal. Veel succes:biggrin:
  3. jewelry is a good choice if you're afraid you're going to tire of a bag. you can always pick a classic piece of jewelry that'll last you forever
  4. i also think the jewelry, you said that you get bored of things easily and you could always reset your studs into another piece when you are bored with the studs
  5. It's gems over bags any day of the week and I'm a bagaholic! Contrary to what any one here tells you, bags are NOT an investment! Jewelry can become an heirloom. We have pieces of jewelry, watches and scarves that get carried down generation to generation and never go out of style or get frayed in my family. Jewelry is the way to go! Also, when a piece of jewelry is given as a gift it hold a sentimental value. To me, a handbag does not!
  6. Jewelry!! Bags come and go but jewelry last forever!
  7. See for me, I would go with the bag because it would take me ten minutes to lose any piece of expensive jewelry
  8. jewelry, something classic. diamond studs are a great idea : )
  9. Your question was "what would you do?"
    If you like both, as you say you do, since the gift is from him to you, I would let him pick. You will like anything among the choices, and then you would have the added emotional bonus that he made a choice especially for you- and a bit of surprise.
    But that's just what I would do.
  10. Diamond studs.
  11. diamond studs, great bf gift, imo!
  12. The studs, so you can wear them everyday!
  13. Thanks for all the advice ladies!
  14. Don't leave us hanging.....what did you choose?
  15. We need to Talk-DIAMONDS