A Bag or a Wallet?

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  1. I've been trying to decide on my purchases for this year lately. I'm really liking the Vivienne wallet from the Parnassea collection but it costs as much as many bags.

    I have an epi Alma BB on my wish list and I could get it for less than this wallet. An LV wallet is also on my wish list, but if I get this one, I will have to forget about at least one bag.

    So my question to you is, would you rather buy a very nice wallet or another bag?
  2. It depends, you have many nice bags, why not get a nice wallet instead? in my case, I would get a bag but again, I don't own many LV bags.
  3. I had this same debate recently. I have 2 LV bags and was wanting a Speedy, but also wanted a wallet because I didn't have one yet. I ended up with two coin purses - the Insolite CP and the MC Zippy CP. They're not overly expensive and they work just as well as a full size wallet for me.
  4. The vivienne wallet is delicious! I love the LV on the front (I adore my sobe clutch in my avatar for the same reason). When I bought my zippy organizer which is a 'cheap' £510/$905 in comparison to vivienne, it was tough to splash the cash, but I'm so glad I did. There's nothing like pulling a great wallet out of a great bag! :smile:
  5. Hard to say without knowing what you already have. I'd usually say bag but that's a really nice wallet. If this is a case where you'll eventually get them all, I'd get the wallet. It cost more so you'll get it at the price today instead of what it will be down the road. I'm kicking myself for deciding to get my Speedy after the increase. So I say go for the really nice wallet, good luck deciding!
  6. I would say the bag.
  7. Typically I would choose a bag over a wallet, however that wallet is the exception. So beautiful. Get the wallet!!!
  8. deff the bag that wallet is more than 2k and i don't think its worth it for that price
  9. I think you should get the nice wallet this time. A nice SLG will last forever if you love it enough. Plus you actually get to use it more if you rotate handbags often. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :graucho:
  10. If you have three or more bags, it's time to invest in a wallet.
  11. I would say a wallet if you do not have one yet. How many bags do you own? This may change my answer.
  12. Wallet. Sure, it's got a big price tag for a wallet but id choose that wallet over many bags- especially over an epi alma bb.
  13. Between the Vivienne and the epi Alma BB, I'd get the Vivienne! Everyone deserves a nice wallet. Bags come and go but a nice wallet can be with you always.
  14. This is some really great advice!
  15. I'd get both, bag & wallet. Just not the Vivienne one. I just don't think it's worth that much and I have my own pre set limits on how much I'm willing to spend. I'm perfectly ok if I got it as a gift though.....lol