A bag junkie is only good if...

  1. ...she has an uncontrollable desire for new shoes.

    Welcome to the shoe forum! :nuts:
  2. We told ya'll we would make you happy!!! How's this?!?!
  3. Yay!! More eye candy!!! Thank you PFAngels!
  4. OMG yay!!!! I was so surprised... what the... new forum?!?! muahhahahhaa, more ways to procrastinate on purseforum! Thanks!! :smile:
  5. I absolutely LOVE you guys~! I couldnt ask for a better place...this is truly a girls heaven-on-earth/internet...
  6. whoa, it's finally hear. Thanks so much Vlad. This site keeps getting better and better and better.
  7. I'm in heaven!!!!!!!!! :love: Bags & shoes, what else can I ask for?? :love:
  8. thank you so much!!
  9. Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  10. OMG LOL this section is going to suite me sooo sooo well , I have an addiction to LV shoes at the mo . This section will just make it worse YAY
  11. YAY :nuts:! Shoe forum! Thanks, Vlad!
  12. OMG more reason to justify shoe-obsessing lol!! What a great addition. Thanks Vlad & Megs!
  13. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm going to spend even more time here!!! (Oh no!!!!!!!!! ;))
  14. Thank you so much....purses and shoes, my two favorite things *sigh*
  15. Yay!! I'm so excited. I looove shoes. Thanks Vlad!