A Bag from Holt has to be authentic, no?

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  1. I feel like this is probably a stupid question as I'm sure this bag is real but... It's not possible for Holt Renfrew to sell a fake bag is it?

    I bought a Burberry today but it does not have the name on any of the hardware, does not have the Burberry name on any of the lining, does not have a Burberry London tag in it - tag says "Burberrry Established 1856" with a picture of the knight. The other tag says Made in China and not Italy???

    I can't really imagine this bag would not be authentic but could someone who really knows Burberry reassure me that the omissions listed above do not mean it is not real?

    This is my first Burberry bag.
  2. Is it possible that Holt sold you a bag that had been "returned" by a previous buyer? That they were less than diligent in scrutinizing the returned item?
  3. I doubt it as they have several of this bag and they are all as described above.

    I have been doing some reading on this forum and learned that Burberry is indeed manufacturing some bags in China which somewhat eases my mind.
  4. Why don't you post a picture?
  5. I'm at work and do not have the option to do that here.
  6. anyways if its from Holts and all of them are like that then it not a mishap...it is authentic!
  7. The new burberry bags are indeed produced in China. At least the PVC ones are...not the Burberry London bags with the horses in the background.

    Did you compare the bag you got to the one on display? if it was the same..then it shouldn't be a fake. But yea, posting a pic would help :smile:
  8. Some of the newer bags have this type of inside tag and yes, some Burberry is made in China
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