A bag for the guys!

  1. I was hoping some of you guys could give me some recommendation on a bag for my bf. I wanted to get him something and thought I'd wait for that new black damier but I'm not sure when that's coming out. I'm not too familiar with the names and styles of LV bags for men either. All I know is, he would prefer that it isn't mono and that it has a strap so he can carry it diagonally.

    Are there any styles out there that fit that description you could recommend?

  2. I have the Citadin. I really like it.
    Click the black one. the Cream bag shown is actually the Compagnon. Not sure why....
    That is also a good bag though. I think in black is more understated and he won't have Vachetta (sp?) to worry about.
    It also doesn't break the bank...
  3. I would recommend the Damier Geant Loup, Damier Bastille, or rather any Damier messenger. What will he be using the bag for?
  4. Bf has the Olav PM it's a great bag damier and looks really hot on a guy plus it's small but holds a lot
  5. Thanks! I'll know what to ask for when I visit the store!

    I don't know what he's going to use it for...it's more of a gift so we never really talked about it. I imagine it would be used for keys, wallet, which ever handheld gaming system is in at the time (nds or psp?) cell phone...stuff a guy normally carries?
  6. Good advice!

    I would also recommend the Mono Canvas Bosphore GM, Damier Geant Messager, or a Taiga messenger if he wants something low-key.
  7. :tup:
  8. how about a MC speedy 30...JK I think anything damier is great....