A bag for my hubby- HELP!

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  1. Dear all!

    I want to buy a bag for my hubby. He alvays put's his wallet in my purse when we go out, bacause he doesen't want to take a bag when he only have a wallet to carry. So, all the time I end up with his wallet/documents/car keys in my purse and to be honest I have enough of it. I want to buy him some small mens wristlet that he can use daily, when we go out. I have no idea what men do wear and whet would be practical, so I'll appriciate all your help. I don't want mono, bacause he doesen't like this designe :smile:. It should be something small to hold a wallet,documents and car keys- nothing more.

    So, do your DH has something like this? Whith one would be best?
  2. I'm thinking of Damier Canvas Macau Clutch... will it be OK?
  3. How about the Damier Graphite Rem?
  4. I don't know if it isn't too big, but thanks
  5. I just thought... do men wear pochette?
  6. I'd go with something Graphite as well......

    I know men that own pochettes, but they use them as a small bag inside another to keep bits and bobs organized...I've never seen them wearing only the pochette.

    What about a Wapity? Mono...... :smile: That could work?
  7. heh I have an evil thought.....how about having him buy you another LV purse!...my conversation would go something like this.."hun this just isn't working with me having to tote around your things in my purse...I need a new bigger purse!"

    just kidding around with you....

    but to seriously help your delimma...how about something in the grafite line? i love the look its really sleek and masculine....im sure he would prefer that over the mono as he already said he does not care for the design...
  8. deem0nessa- mabey it's the best way to handle it :P

    I'll try for grapfite, i also think it's most masculine
  9. Either a Damier Macau clutch or Damier Saint Louis Pochette? Saint Louis is more masculine IMO and very professional looking.
  10. Saint Louis is a good idea :biggrin:
  11. The Damier Graphite Jorn: Briefcase style bag with shoulder strap.
  12. nothing with a shoulder strap- he would prefere something hand held. But thanks for your interest!
  13. This sounds exactly like my DH...and he still hasn't learnt from when his gucci sunglasses fell out of my cabas piano at the airport:Push:. Eventually my DH got his own LV - a damier geronimos - and he used it often but for some reason he has resorted back to my bag being his personal carrier...good luck with this as I know how you feel.
  14. ^opps just read he doesn't want a shoulder strap. Sorry I don't think my suggestion will work...
  15. Me and my sweetie are rather even on who carries who's things... during the day, his stuff ends up in my bag/purse (if there's room :graucho:) and when going out clubbing and such, I make use of his pockets for the very little I bring with me :smile: