A Bag for Each Season

  1. Petpringles post earlier today referenced "a bag for each season" and it got me thinking about what would be considered seasonal colors for Hermes bags. I was thinking maybe pale blues, pinks, yellows, and greens for spring. Brighter colors like vibrant reds and orange for summer, browns for fall and black for winter. I personally like bright colors for year round (especially the winter 'cause my corner of the world is dark and dreary this time of year) with a little neutral for when it's required, my ideal "collection" would prolly be a red Kelly and a neutral like etoupe in something else (yeah, kind of a small collection, but you have to start somewhere!)

    What do you consider seasonal colors and have you though about these things while building your collection?
  2. For fall maybe havanne, indigo or ebene. I haven't bought my first bag yet - I hope to get it next month, but I have thought of season-less bag, mainly because I will not be able to get another until 2010.
  3. Well, probably any bag with toile would be a seasonal piece....and possibly something like Fuschia or Brighton Blue in Chevre.....Beige Box calf as well.
  4. When it comes to colours I think it's mostly down to personal preference, allthough I think paler colours (pastels, pinks beige etc) are better in a summery/spring environment and strong colours (black, white, RED, orange etc) in the cold and not so colourful months
  5. I have orange which I used in the summer and then put away; red is especially fun at Christmas-time; my raisin is fall and winter and maybe more! I would love a toile something too! I like to change but not too often....of course I use other bags in between for rainy weather and such...
  6. Wish I had some H bags to even consider this! :girlsigh: But, if you could indulge me in wishful thinking for a moment...

    White for Summer
    Toile, Spring/Summer
    Blue Jean, Poitron & Vert Anis for Spring/Fall
    Ebene, Chocolate, Rouge for Fall/Winter
    Noir, Natural Sable, Gold, Etoupe all year

    I know I am missing some colors...
  8. HELLO!
  9. I think that it also depends where you are living. A climate that stays warm most of the year allows one to wear lighter color bags year around. Cooler climates call for darker bags in fall/winter IMO.
  10. I know we are talking about colors for the seasons but does anyone think that one style or another (ie, birkin, kelly or other) is better for each season. I personally feel that my birkin is too big and heavy of a bag for summer. I don't like to wear it with shorts and a tee shirt. I can't wear my kelly with shorts and a tee shirt either! Garden party maybe?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I want to plan ahead!
  11. This is an excellent point. Since I tend to experience a full four seasons where I am, I do use certain shades like Orange and Vert Anis more in the spring and summer when my lighter trenches and clothing come out even though I know many here use these shades year round. I do tend to use browns and Rouge H more in the Fall and Winter mostly because they go with the scarves and shoes I use during that time; my year-round colors would be Rouge VIF, Rouge Garance, and of course, black.
  12. Hi Jade!!!

    I think my ideal color pallette of H bags would involve:

    raisin (por supuesto)
    lagoon (or turquoise)
    rouge H

    maybe bleu roi...

    Of course these colors would be spread between the bags that I want with maybe duplicate bags in differing colors:
    lindy, JPG Birkin, plume or bombay, Kelly.
  13. Maybe a Lindy or a Picotin?
  14. Me too! But I'm a huge planner and I think everything through, from planning dinners for the week to planning big purchases (H bags!) so I like to think about these things as I compile my "list", albiet short, of bags I hope to purchase :girlsigh:.
  15. I never really gave it much thought, but it worked out well for me.

    blue jean Birkin - spring, summer
    potiron Bolide - fall, winter
    black Kelly - winter, spring, summer and fall