A Bad LV Day

  1. :crybaby:So I purchased a LV Dentelle Speedy and had it overnighted so it was to come today. The Fedex man came and he had this enormous box but my husband and I thought that there was probably a box inside the box. I open the box and what do I find but a LV suitcase. I tell you I lost it. I got on the phone right away and called the NM store where I purchased it. It seems the dentelle was sent to the person who ordered the suitcase and I got theirs. So first the SA tells me to drop it back in the mail to them and I'm like I don't think so. Why should I have to pay for shipping charges for someone elses bag. So I told her no way. She then decided to have fedex pick it up and take it back. I told her I was not going to be home so she suggested to leave it outside my front door (safe neighborhood) so get this the Fedex man comes back I am not home and he dosen't take the box. He leaves a door tag that he made an attempt to pick up. So by this time I am really mad and I call the SA back and ask to speak to a manager, in the mean time they were trying to locate my dentelle in transit and have it sent back to NM no luck yet. So now I guess Fedex is coming tommorrow and I'm stuck here waiting for them and god only knows when they'll show up. Finally I got so mad that I called the SA back and told her it was their mistake and I want a dentelle sent out and shipped overnight to me that I should not have to wait for the other bag to come back to them and then have it reshipped. She tells me she can do that but that was there last one so she was going to have to call other NM's to see if anyone had one in stock then it would have to be shipped to her then me. I mean WTF. So who knows when I'll get my bag now. By the time I get it I probably won't want it anymore the excitement is gone. Sorry for the long post but I needed to vent. Thanks for reading:smile:
  2. Oh, so sorry to hear about the mix up. How annoying:cursing:, I really think LV should be trying a bit harder
    to make up for their mistake - you shouldn't have to be waiting around for couriers etc all day.
    I hope you get your dentelle soon - I'm sure the thrill when you open the box will help to make up for all the trouble.
  3. That would make me very angry as well. Hope you get your bag soon. Keep us posted.
  4. I am so sorry... keep us posted
  5. So sorry to hear that. I'll be equally annoyed if it happens to me. Hope your bag arrives soon!
  6. oh no... sorry to hear this. i hope speedy dentelle comes to u soon.
  7. eeek sorry to hear that..I'd be mad as well
    hope everything works out well for ya..keep us posted
  8. That is very upsetting, once it gets all straightened out though, you will have a beautiful dentelle speedy to enjoy - try not to let this ruin your enjoyment of its wonderful addition to your life. Please let us know when you get it, it will be so beautiful!
  9. I would call the LV 866 line....I would try speaking with someone at Neimans or try calling the 866 #. They do deal with some with customer service issues. They really should do somethning for you.
    I know you want your bag. If you really love it you will be so excited whne it arrives.
  10. Sorry to hear about that ! I also find that more mistakes with my LVs are made when I buy from the dept stores than when I buy from Elux or directly from Vuitton themselves. Wonder why?
  11. Aw, so sorry to hear that! *HUGS*
    Hope you get your bag and everything gets straightened out.
    Keep us all updated! :smile:
  12. i know how fraustrated it is!! i hope everything will turn out ok soon and keep us posted!
  13. That happened with me and a pair of Uggs that were on sale dirt cheap. The person kept my boots!!!!

    I would have just dropped it off at a shipping center, or scheduled Fedex to pick up from your work. But still how annoying that they couldnt even get it right!!!!! Its a pretty bag though.
  14. I am so sorry to here that.
  15. Ugh, how frustrating. But as others have said, don't let it spoil your beautiful purchase. This is a bag that you'll own and love for years, and the joy it'll give you will long outlast your annoyance at the delivery stuff-up.