A Bad Decision?

  1. I could use some suggestions/advice from people who understand. I've tried hard to avoid the Mirage hype .. but .. I really love it. I LOVE the speedy!! (currently have the Mini Lin in ebene)

    I have the Monogram Riveting bag which I've carried like 4 times since February. As much as I think it's beautiful bag I just can't bring myself to carry it. So I listed it on eBay last night .. thinking if I sell it can use the $$ to fund the Mirage. Of course I've never sold a LV on eBay, it might not sell - I used the BIN or best offer format cause I will not sell and lose a ton of money (not worth it to me)

    Even if I had the money to buy the Mirage otherwise I couldn't justify owning 2 bags that cost that much $$ without using them frequently. Just afraid I'll regret selling the riveting later. Is the mirage more of an everyday bag or "too dressy".
    I was also debating about the Cabby MM in black.?
  2. I think the Mirage is definitely a "every day bag" I think you made a wise decision to let the riviting go and get a more functional bag that you can use everyday. I do this too, I want a bag..then think....hmmmmm will I use it enough?
    Good decision:tup:
  3. ^^^ agree if it's just not working for you sell and get a bag you :heart:and will be able to use more often. I've done the same thing bought a bag and found as much as others loved and used it - it just didn't work for me.
  4. I think you made a very wise desicion. No point in having somehting sitting in your closet. Good luck on selling it on eBay.

    I'm sure you'll be content with you new speedy. IMO it's a much prettier bag than the riveting too. ;)
  5. I had to let the riveting go for the same reason. Do it!
  6. I like the mono riveting bag too, but It was hard to carry on the shoulder, and I wasn't crazy about how it wouild look after heavy patina. It was also a tad too wide for me......but nevertheless, it is still a beautiful bag!

    BUT....look at that Mirage......the first-ever degrade mono pattern....dark handles that never get dirty or grungy....sturdy patent leather piping that makes it a structured, sag-less speedy.......oh, no comparsion !!

    Sell the riveting. You will NOT regret getting the Mirage !!!!
  7. I think you made the right decision. It is no good having a pretty bag that just sits in your closet! :smile:
    The mirage speedy looks like it can go from casual to dressy in a snap!
  8. I have both bags and love them both. The riveting has a bit more funky, casual edge to it, while the mirage can be casual or dressy. I love them both, but if I didn't carry either I wouldn't hesitate to sell.
  9. I love the riveting bag, wish I had bought one! If you don't love it then let it go, but it is LE too... The mirage is LE and could be really hard to get ahold of, so keep that in mind too!
  10. If you haven't really used it. I would let it go!
  11. If you dont love it, Let it go.
  12. You won't regret the mirage speedy. I'm also regretting not WL for the bag. It's different than the other bags out right now.
  13. ^^^ITA with Ghost. The Mirage is is very versatile and if you are not using the riveting, time to let her go.
  14. I also think you made the right decision. While both bags are gorgeous and limited edition, the Mirage Speedy has a bit more sophisticated and elegant look to it while the Riveting has more of a casual, yet trendy appeal. You'll get more use out of the Mirage Speedy because of its versatility.

    Good luck!!
  15. Go for the Mirage!! It's so beautiful. It definitely can be an everyday bag. I plan on wearing mine with jeans.