A bad case of nerves!


Sep 26, 2008
I need some advice from those wise in the ways of lovely shoes...A couple of weeks ago - after a lot of research & deliberation - I got a pair of helmuts. I have an irrational attachment to them - more so than any other pair of shoes I have, even the measly other 2 pair of CLs I owned already. They're just so pretty. Tomorrow, I'm actually going to wear them out to a charity dinner and I am soooo nervous. What if I fall, or can't walk unassisted? Will I spill a drink on them, or scuff them? What if I scuff the soles beyond recognition? I swear, I wasn't this nervous when I brought home my first baby.

Does anyone else feel this way? Is it normal to be afraid of your shoes? I want to wear them and enjoy them, but I want to make sure they (and I get) through the evening ok. Someone tell me I'm not going to fall & break my neck, wrecking my shoes in the process...


Oct 26, 2006
Don't be nervous!!! I have a pair of leopard pony hair helmuts and I'm dreaming of the day when I celebrate fall and wear my black turtleneck sweater with these sleek H&M black slacks.

It's perfectly normal to be obsessed with the helmuts!!!


Aug 4, 2008
I feel the same way about my decolletes! You'll be fine! :tup::tup: I'm slightly knock-kneed, and I was so scared of wearing heels out for fear of tripping - and scuffing up my shoes. Just watch out for cracks in the sidewalk, and you'll be all right. Especially since it's a dinner, you won't be walking a whole lot, so there is no way you'll scuff up your helmuts beyond recognition!


Mar 7, 2007
Dont be nervous!!! I felt the same way about my Helmuts. If something is going to spill its going to spill regardless of what shoes you are wearing. Just have a good time. You already know your going to be the best dressed and have the best shoes, so let loose have a few drinks & enjoy yourself! Let those babies shine on their first outing!


What to wear?
Aug 22, 2006
Don't worry, you're going to be just fine! The more you think about it the more likely it will happen because you'll subconsciously think about doing something to ruin your night. Just bring some half insole pads just in case you need them (for comfort or because you find out the shoes are too loose) and practice walking around in your Helmuts on a hard surface (shoes feel different on carpeted surface) before the big night so you don't need help in them. As for spilling a drink on them, if they are leather/patent you can wipe it it down and if its pony hair/satin/etc I would spray them first then try to clean it. I know some ladies use unscented baby wipes to clean their leather goods so that might help if something happens. But don't worry, you'll be just fine and everyone will stare at your lovely shoes!
Apr 29, 2008
I agree with all these ladies-Don't be nervous!! Relax and have fun!! If you haven't already, use apple guarde or stain protector on them. Feel fabulous in your fantastic shoes! Seriously, when you wear your CLs your gonna feel like a million bucks!