A baby bag :)

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  1. Hey guys :smile:
    I'm planning my next big purchase (haha already have wallet, scarves and jewellery coming) and I have been thinking about these as options...

    The GST
    Timeless CC tote
    Coco daily
    Timeless cc flap large
    Chain around Hobo large

    I need something a bit bigger to fit both my stuff and my little girls stuff in ( her toy dog, snacks, nappies etc) my budget is $4000 and any suggestions are welcome :smile: it will be used daily which is one reason why I'm worried to get a gst because mum has heaps in hers and its quite heavy... But they are made more durable than the timeless cc tote which is why it's still on the list.. I don't know if the chain around hobo will still be around because apparently Australia are getting limited quantities of just about everything :P
    the coco daily seems to be a good option but the only thing I know about it comes from the little pic of it on the upcoming cruise pics... as its due for cruise we get it here in Sydney about dec - January ish which means I have no info on it at all till then.. Size, colours, price etc
    It's normally about $300-$400 more here for anything compared to overseas so I also have to keep that in mind but my sa is so nice I would rather buy it off her :smile:
    I've borrowed a few tpfers pics I hope they don't mind :s (thanks in advance) to show you the bags but if anyone has other ideas or any help would be much appreciated :smile: thanks!!
    image-3139699795.jpg image-2895074258.jpg image-2461433642.jpg image-3911143763.jpg image-1063847962.jpg
  2. I like the timeless flap, but a tote is much more practical IMO. I would say the GST. Have fun choosing it! :smile:
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    As you're carrying alot of baby items, i dont recommend the GST. It is an open top and things can spill out in the car. For safety reasons too, your DD may learn over time that stuff in mom's bag is so interesting so a zip top bag is best. I will be using my vintage ligne tote alot when DD comes. It is a gorgeous practical tote Chanel issued in 2006. It's not as rigid as a GST or Timeless CC tote. Another tote with a closed top that I like is the expandable tote. It has a flap top with a CC lock.


    Another line I like is the Luxe Ligne, the interior is All leather. I wished I had bought a deerskin bowler back when this ligne was around. The tote is gorgeous.
  4. I vote for the GST as it fits a ton of stuff and kids often have stuffed animals that need an open top to fit in your bag....
  5. Timeless cc tote as the middle compartment is empty, you can insert those diaper organizer but I'm not sure how heavy it is as compared to GST.
    Also not sure if the chains will slip off the shoulder like GST. GST has a zipped compartment in the middle of the bag.
  6. Thanks guys, I do like the timeless flap too Chanbal :smile: but I'm not too sure if it will fit everything... cos it might not have sections and all ahhaha not many ppl have this bag so I have no idea what its like inside or how big the large one is :P but in blue or red its sooo very pretty :smile:

    I was thinking about going vintage again Absolutanne but I already have a vintage tote and wanted to get a first store purchased bag to celebrate studying more than required for full time and looking after my bub :P but I must say it is a nice bag :P that might be my purchase after :P Thank you for the suggestion :smile: haha and my little girl loves attacking my bag hahaha so you're def right about the zipper :smile:

    Thanks Passau I was thinking about the GST because I like how theres compartments and how sturdy it is and its really well made almost indestructible but does it get really heavy carrying it full? I've heard from a few ppl it does and I already have a shockingly horrible back for my age :P

    Thanks Soxx I agree with you about the chain it happens to my mum and my vintage totes the same it gets annoying especially when bub is asleep in my arms and I'm trying to pull the chain back on without waking her or nearly dropping her haha I've just recently seen the timeless cc tote on (topshop opened in Sydney and I swear there were so many Chanels in one place I saw a lifetimes full there :smile:) and its actually really nice... the chain is alot thinner though but I haven't heard of it breaking if packed to the top... and it seems less structured but I don't know if it has emergency pockets (I like the gst because there are compartments :P) and so if I need tissues or something I can quickly grab them... I think they do have outter side pockets but I'm not 100% sure...

    Thanks everyone again :smile: I think I need to do more research :smile:
  7. I love my GST!! So roomy and classic :love:
  8. Hi I have a gst and I have 3kids aged 7mths, 4 & 6 yrs old. I find that carrying the gst while going out with my 7mth old is a hassle. Oh mine is in beige with ghw haha. It's a beautiful bag but I found that it is too bulky for my liking. I love my halfmoon woc which I find very useful while running around with the kids. I have my personal valuables with me while I carry a longchamp bag as a diaper bag. I can throw the bag around without having to worry about it.
    I can see myself using the gst more when my bb girl is older. To carry a gst and her is too much for my back.
    It's a beautiful bag which u might still want to get but I don't recommend it as a diaper bag.
  9. MagzC, it all depends on how much funds you want to allocate for such bag. I would consider a pre-owned tote now (which I would clean very well), and I would buy a flap from the store later on. You may want to have a bag that you don't mind to 'abuse' with carrying toys and to be subjected to dirty hands of a young kid. :smile:
  10. Thanks Cyda haha that's so weird because the gst I wanted was the light beige with gold hardware I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it :P but I'm so glad you mentioned how much of a hassle it was I was really close to choosing a gst because it seems to be the most popular option but I was worried it was too bulky to carry when carrying a bub too and heavy but they're really durable right? Did you have any colour transfer or anything on the beige? Maybe it's something I could get down the track.. Hopefully the light beige with ghw will still be around! :smile: or should I risk my back for it haha just in case I can't get it later :P I had this problem with the ptt I wanted it in the same colour but couldn't decide if it was big enough as a nappy bag but it was lighter than the gst and not as bulky now it's discontinued :sad:
  11. Thanks MissSusan :smile: I really wanted the Gst but unsure of how I would manage it with my little one in my arms though I do love the design and its so easy to dress up or down :smile:
  12. Haha thanks Chanbal but the reason why I'm getting a new one is because I'm sending my vintage over for cleaning in hk :P and after that episode I am a tad worried about buying online :P I know I shouldn't be because vintage pieces are sooo well made and the styles are more unique (I never see my tote on anyone not even in different colours etc) that plus I know there are a lot of honest sellers out there but it's a hassle and I would love to own something new as well so I can add to my collection :smile: what do you think of the ptt? Too small? I was thinking black with ghw?
  13. I wanted the PTT in beige too!! Haha I've been looking all over for it but now realized it's been discontinued so I settle for a gst. It's really is beautiful. I don't have color transfer that's because I only carry her like 5-6 times hehe. If u r considering a gst do get her now before the next price increase. Initially it's boxy n uncomfortable to carry. Now that it has soften a little it's actually not as bag. I can see myself carry the gst a lot more when my bb girl is bigger. Tis is silly but although I don't carry the gst much but seeing her makes me feel happy haha. Gd luck on your search!!
  14. actually if it doesn't have to be a Chanel, the LV Neverfull is a pretty good choice for a diaper bag. it can hold a lot and its pretty durable.
  15. I know what you mean haha the light beige with gold hw makes my heart sing and i dont even own it :P i will have to save up ultra hard if i want to get the gst because i have my name down for the new chain around maxi for cruise (which happened today :P but in saying that Australia a
    Havent received a confirmation we are getting it and its really pushing my budget) thats really good to hear that the gst feels more comfy though i thought i was going crazy when i tried it on and it didnt feel quite right on me cos of how popular it is :P Thanks btw!