a b-bag girl is craving a betty

  1. can you gals tell me how you like yours (?) :tender:
  2. The Betty is my favorite Chloe style, although I own several other styles, there's just something a bit edgy and classy at the same time. I have the black patent tote, large black betty satchel and the chain Brown patent leather hobo Betty.
    There's just something about Betty!!:yes:
  3. ^^ oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, is it light too (?) :sweatdrop:
  4. oh aaa

    I just bought one today!!

    Can't wait to get her next week so I will let you know how it goes
  5. nothing is as light as balenciaga but the newer bettys (without the "mega hardware" as been discussed on other threads) are definitely an easy to carry weight. i'm a former b bag addict and i love them!
  6. Not too light, but that all depends on what you're comparing it to......I don't like real heavy bags, so it works for me. The great thing is that with the satchel, you can put it over your shoulder or carry it in your hand or on your arm. The patent chain hobo is the lightest, but I love them all!!:heart:
  7. ^^ ACK, i'm losing my will-power gals!!! :sos:
  8. go for it! :devil:
  9. Ditto.....go for it!!
  10. Aaaaaa, the betty is very very durable, and roomy... the medium size can hold more than a city size and can be carried on the shoulder if needed (although i like carrying it on the crook of my arm). The ones w/ the gold metal lock are very heavy... :biguns: BUT the more current bettys don't have the heavy lock anymore so i'm guessing it's pretty light.
  11. ^^ okay, i just did it gals, how's this?!?! :graucho:
  12. aaallabama, i luv your black bety!:yes: i have a metallic chain-handle and its gorgeous!!
  13. So cute! I love both of mine and don't find them heavy in the least! Congrats and aren't you glad you bit!
  14. ^^ awe, thanks, hopefully i'll :heart: it IRL too :p
  15. Great bag congrats!