A awesome present from the BF

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  1. Hello everyone, i was actually ready and set to buy my new coach bag. When my Bf showed up today with a coach shopping bag:heart:. I was very surprised, very excited:drool:! I took out the box and it was wrapped up in a pink bow. I thought he could not know which one i wanted, no way!! YES!!! HE GOT EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED the medium khaki/bronze Carly! I must say anyone thinking about getting this one, its gorgeous!! The bronze looks really nice, would match with plenty!! Here are the pictures, i think that was so sweet of him to take the time to get what he knew i would like:love: Kudos to a bf who pays attention, will make a great husband someday !!! On the bottom is a picture of the wristlet, keyfob, and headband i bought about a week ago!
    car4.jpg car3.jpg car5.jpg get-attachment.aspx.jpg scarf.jpg
  2. You lucky girl! He's a keeper! The bag and the BF!
  3. Gorgeous! What a great BF. :smile: Hang on to that one!!!
  4. Wow!! What a wonderful BF! He is a keeper!
  5. What a great surprise. So pretty.
  6. Congrats!! that is one beautiful bag makes me want the bronze carly now haha
  7. what a sweetheart!!!!!
  8. Lovely surprise! Congrats!
  9. What a great surprise! Sounds like you have an amazing boyfriend! I love the Carly and all of the accessories!
  10. beautiful, it looks great on you.
  11. Congrats, how sweet of him! The bag is gorgeous and cute accessories too!
  12. Gorrrgeous! Keep him around!!
  13. he's such a keeper! I only get Coach on my birthday or if he goes away a lot
  14. :tup:
  15. Very beautiful!!! you're lucky girl :yes: