A 2nd Wallet! Confused...Need opinion from you!!!!

  1. As everyone know, I bought the MC Pochette a week ago. My mom saw it a few days later and she seem to like it, so I figure it give it to her as Xmas gift. I got it all wrapped up and placed it under the tree. However, I'm wallet-less now :p and it feels weird. I'll be going to the boutique this Sunday after all the final for a new wallet. There's so many to choose and I don't know which. Price range....Doesn't really matter!!!! So opinion guys on these?

    • Eugeine
    • MC pochette in white
    • MC zippy in white
    • Denim Amelia in blue
    • Mahina in peach

    By the way I saw the Alexandra MC wallet in LV.com. Does anybody own one? How is it? I wish they do MC like the Mahina style....Can I do a special order? I guess not unless you're a celeb right? or millionaire people.
  2. i would say the Mahina
  3. My vote is for none of the above because I'm totally biased toward the mono french purse. I've carried one for eons and I love it!
  4. Eugeine or the mahina!
  5. lolz. I'm more of a long-wallet girl. I love the Koala but they're too small for me. I always stuff everything in my wallet.
  6. MC Pochette or Mahina :smile:
  7. Eugeine or Mahina.

    p.s. I'm going to get a black MC Alexandra sometime before New Years...I saw it in the store and I love it! Though you say your a long wallet girl...the Alexandra is more short and stubby lol.
  8. MC Pochette, Eugenie, or Mahina. Or Denim.

    Wow, I'm no help, am I?
  9. Eugenie or zippy
  10. i have the mc alexandra in white...its only a little shorter than the mc pochette wallet...i love mine
  11. ^ yeah I thought it's smaller but how small is it? Can i see a picture? i can't find any in the forum.
  12. MC zippy for u
  13. I love the mahina but has too many cc slots (18) if you carry that much, that's a good one, other than that ... I vote for the MC zippy, and the eugenie as a 2nd choice. I have both and love both!
  14. I love that Eugenie has the window for your drivers license.
  15. i think the mahina, amelia, and eugine styles are really similar and i like them. i think the mahina stands out of the 3 i selected though... go mahina!