A 21 Year Old Guy's Small LV Collection

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  1. Although I have started a general collection thread a while ago, I decided to do one only with my LV goodies... I know it's a (very) small collection but still I wanted to share some pics... So here it is...

    My one and only LV bag (I think it can fall under that category)


    Mono Poche Documents

    My SLG's (which I use frequently)


    (from left to right - Damier Azur 4-Key Holder, Damier Canvas Key and Change Holder, Damier Graphite "Marco" Wallet, Mono Pen Holder)

    My Shoes


    Damier Montreal Sneakers and Monogram Denim Footing Sneakers

    My Books and Tie


    "Damier Classique" Tie (in noir)
    Icons Book and 2009 New York City Guide with slipcase
  2. Maybe small, but very nice! Great collection Spo0oky!!!
  3. Sp:huh:oky that's a great collection!! :heart: the shoes
  4. Love!!!!!
  5. very nice collection. size doesn't matter:/
  6. Great collection!!!!
  7. LVBastille, Louis&Mark, beljwl, drspock7 and tater_tits thank you for your comments :biggrin:
  8. Nice Choices for your collection.
    Very diverse & nice presentation in your pics!
    Hope you love and enjoy each and every piece.
  9. I don't think your collection is small at all! I think it is GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing ;)
  10. Love everything but especially the sneakers Spo0oky! Looks great!
  11. Very nice collection. I don't think it is small at all.
  12. I agree with Carley29, I don't think it's that small :smile: Beautiful collection!
  13. great collection you got there.
  14. Excellent choices!
  15. Love those Damier Montreal Sneakers ! they are hot !!