A 19 Year Old Boy's Little LV Collection

  1. Here's all of the LV small leather goods items I have managed to collect over the past five years.


    - Black Taiga agenda
    - Brown Taiga Portefeuille Accordeon wallet :heart:
    - Monogram Glace bracelet
    - Nomade iPod case
    - LV Cup sunglasses :supacool:
    - Damier credit card holder
    - scarf

    The only item missing from the photograph is a monogram wallet (8 cards) - I gave it to my mom. You can see that it was my only "vintage" item because it came with a light brown box with wooden texture.

    The only good bag I have is a Mulberry messenger bag in Oak colour. I hope to add an LV bag to my collection (perhaps a speedy or keepall) soon.

    Feel free to comment, suggestions for future LV items to be added to my current collection will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nice Collection!
  3. I love you'r nomade cigarrete box holder...
  4. Great collection!
  5. great collection!! love your scarf
  6. Great looking collection. Love your sunnies.
  7. Awesome collection!!!
  8. great collection
  9. Nice collection! Congrats! Go for the keepall next!
  10. wow great collection congrats!!!
  11. Nice collection!!
  12. nice collection!
  13. Your scarf is TDF!! Nice collection...
  14. great collection.
  15. Wow, great collection!!! I LVoe the scarf! Thanks for sharing.