a 15 year old's collection :-)

  1. Okay, here is my collection- not all of them are mine specifically- my sister and I share them.

    My collection contains:

    -Coach Buckle Signature Demi in Black (My classic, everyday bag- it goes with everything!!!)
    -Coach Scribble Cosmetic Pouch (I use it as a handbag)
    -Coach "Wave Patchwork" Demi in Pink (Special Occasions only- the suede is very susceptible to dirt :worried: )
    -Coach Holiday 2005 Patchwork Demi (Hiding in it's dustbag right now- it's time for spring bags!)
    -Coach Fur trim Hobo in Chocolate (An excellent deal- I got it for $80! The original price was $360!!!!)
    -Juicy Couture Wicker Basket Satchel in Pink (My first Juicy purchase!!! I adore the wicker)
    -Juicy Couture Leather Hobo in Pink (My sister's bag- a little on the big side for me)
    -Kate Spade Pink Polka Dot Pouch (Also my sister's bag-- an itty bitty bag- she got it on sale!)
    -Antonio Melani Pink Leather Demi Bag (My first "designer" purchase! This bag started my obsession!!!)
    -Dooney and Bourke "Charms" Bowler (Lots of room- perfect when I have lots of things to carry!)
    -Dooney and Bourke Hearts Satchel in Creme (My sister's bag- very cute with the matching wristlet!)
    -2 Dooney and Bourke Hearts Wristlets in Creme and Pink (Christmas gifts!)
    -Dooney and Bourke Leather Small Banana Bag in White (My newest purchase for spring)
    -Dooney and Bourke "Splash Denim" Mini Zip Top bag (My sister's latest purchase)

    Wow- I have a lot more bags than I thought I did!
  2. aww very cute collection! i love all the pinks!
  3. That's a cute collection, missjuicy
  4. SO CUTE!!!:love: :love: :love:
  5. Lovely!
  6. Great collection
  7. Cute collection!
  8. Cute collection. I started with Coach and Dooney when I was a teenager too.
  9. That is a cute collection and how lucky to be able to share!;)
  10. cute =D
  11. Your on your way to being a Master collector!
  12. Look at you! Such a fabulous collection! I love the fact that you're so young and have an appreciation for nice things! I really love the one with the pink handle on the back right. Thanks so much for the picture and keep up the good work with the beautiful collection! ;)
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Yay! I rememeber you posting about your new D&B, love it! Great collection.
  15. Great collection!