A 13 Year Old's Collection

  1. :heart: [​IMG] :heart:
    Thanks for looking!
  2. GREAT collection!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. what was I thinking with that link?:shrugs:
  4. you used the wrong code, it's the one =), heres the pic!

  5. Thanks! oh ok, that link worked too!
  6. Lovely, congrats!
  7. Very cute!
  8. Thanks BagAngel & mello_yello! :flowers:
  9. WOW!! you have a ton of more bags than i do!!
  10. lovely pochette collection :smile:
  11. when did u start collecting?
  12. Thanks Berlyn & Couture_Girl! BTW, that's a nice "summer list" there, Couture_Girl!
  13. Thanks Caley!
  14. To Couture_Girl, umm around, well it was between like September and November of 2006.
  15. hehehe, thats when i started collecting too!