A 12a reveal-ation!!

  1. love it
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats.
  3. Congrats! Keep the red and buy a black Mini!:p
  4. yay!! im OVER THE MOON!!! thks ladies :hugs:
    i alrdy owned a black maxi, thought i wouldn't wanna get yet another black flap. love 12a red, but alrdy have this XL PST. so how? burgundy is nice too!!! i love the size of medium, bt not the price. i love the price of a mini, but not the size; too small!! ohhhhhh bummer...
  5. congratz! :tender:
  6. Get the XL PST in Black and the 12A red in flap m/l or jumbo and you will never regret it...
  7. decided to keep the 12a red after all!
    thks ladies for ur opinions!!! ;)
  8. Sooo pretty! Congrats!
  9. The red one is a beauty! Congrats on the pretty purchase, have loads of fun with it :smile:
  10. Could you share the dimension of the bag ? Thanks!
  11. I think you should return the black PST and keep the red larger PST since you already have the black maxi. I think you would get more use of the red PST and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. It's rare to find a red color this nice and it's definitely even more rare to find this style in red. In terms of getting another m/l, I think you should get it in beige claire :smile: pearly beige if possible will be even better :biggrin:
  12. thks for ur valued opinion! i hav alrdy sold my black PST!! but yet to wear the beautiful 12A red XL PST!
  13. Yay!!! Mod pic pls??? Lots and lots of mod pic actually ;) can't wait to see
  14. out wif her for d 1st time.. :loveeyes:

  15. Wowowowow this is just awesome!!! And the colour!!!!