______ is my black

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  1. if not wearing black
    navy or gray (which doesn't really look good on me but I wear it anyway)
    I always try go brown and beige but that doesn't work with me either
    I am a winter so jewel tones look good on me so it is always black and somethiing or navy and something
    I never wear tomato red or orange although I do like rust
    I am a pretty conservative person when it comes to color

    this is interesting thanks Diane
  2. BV Gunmetal is my black, totally go-to
  3. Dark blue and varying shades of brown -- just feel like they are more year round colors.
  4. Another thought provoking thread Diane, love it! Well, you already know purple is my black. I also like strong blues and blue based dark reds... though I admit I am straying off to the light side for the last couple of weeks. I keep thinking about Mallow and for some strange reason, the New Sauge color (a pastel green) kept popping into my radar. I also need to correct the situation that I am gray-less too, despite the fact that I enjoy gray as much as I do purple.
  5. Frenziedhandbag:

    I like the New Sauge, too. But I learn towards clear brights in my colored bags and fear that the Sauge will not carry it's weight with what I wear. I think my attraction to it is that it reminds me of celadon porcelain, which I find beautiful. Besides, I've taken up residence on Ban Island.
  6. I answered "taupe" already, but the talk of colors makes me realize that I love taupe as a staple or base color b/c it so complements the colors that I truly love, like lavenders, mauves, pinks. I love black on its own, but it can look harsh paired next to the delicate colors that I have such an emotional response to. However, a well done taupe next to a light pink hits all my right notes. A fun thread to read, thank you!
  7. I'm loving all the thought processes everyone is sharing. I'm comfortable with specific colors in my wardrobe and in my bags. It's taken me a long time to really narrow things down to a very manageable number of colors that I like. Right now, I am going through a wardrobe change from classic lines to more bohemian lines and more prints in the fabrics. But even with the changes, the basic colors have remained consistent: my stand-by grays (they outnumber everything else); purples; and now I'm entering the blues with Canard. I consider my beloved Nuvolato to be a "one off". The only misfit I haven't dealt with is my 1st BV in chene. Based on my previous choices, I'm guessing that my stock of purples will continue to grow.
  8. That was my concern with light colors too plus the fact that they are harder to maintain. BV however makes it very tempting with it's light colors. They seem so versatile and unique as opposed to similar light colors from other brands. If New Sauge is a straight mint, I don't think I even need to consider it as it will be too bold/sharp a color for me. The same with Mallow, if it were a pale pink, I will not have regarded it at all. With the dustiness however, it just makes it so wearable. Even Banane, it has just the right tinge of creaminess in it to render it right and so special too.

    I took a long time too, to find colors and bag styles that are versatile. I love color and as I am now more drawn to simple lines for my clothes. I like to let the bag be my focal point. Like you, I am drawn to rich colors too but just wondering whether I should step out of my comfort zone towards something lighter. Pinterest is my research companion for now.
  9. Good point about black. It is a classic color and sometimes when I wear lighter clothes, it seems harsh. All my other bags are rich in color too and I love saturated tones but lately, the thought of a lighter colored bag to pair with summer whites or lighter colored clothes is luring me towards light shades.
  10. So....when did you gain access to reading my mind? But it's ok....because you so succinctly expressed what I've been thinking! The dustiness of the New Sauge makes it tempting (but there is no UPS delivery here on Ban Island at this time...)
  11. 😅 I credit BV, it is hard not to fall in love with it's colors. No UPS? but there is always Fedex, DHL... 😆
  12. Frendizedhandbag:

    :thinking: Hmmmm...no, better take a break for now....
  13. A great thread Diane. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day my Nuvolato Veneta is my black.....it goes with everything. I'm hopping that the bag that's on its way to me will be my fall/winter black, go with everything bag. I'm lazy when it comes to changing bags. I have bags that rarely see the light of day that should be rehomed......yet it's so hard to part with them.
  14. I can totally identify with what you wrote. I have had to take all my bags out of their dusters so that I am faced with them when I'm getting dressed. I tend to load a bag and then go with it indefinitely. I am making an attempt to change that. But what I don't see I don't use. I am also trying to take my bag into my bedroom at the end of the day so I have a better chance of changing it the following morning. I usually plop them down on a table just inside the door. When winter arrives (if it ever does) the general change is moving from NLG to Ardoise in my grays. The others are the icing on the cake but the grays are my black. I do use the nuvolato because every time I see it, it makes me smile. But most of my change has occurred since I made my bags visual.
  15. Ditto to that! :biggrin:
    Though I do love navy. It goes well with dark denim...my daily uniform.. lol

    Green is my go to color for accessories...though I don't yet have a green handbag. It really is a neutral for me when I look at the colors in my closet. It goes with 95% of what I own.

    I have a green velvet sofa in the family room and it's the same way. It looks great with orange, fushia, purple, navy, pink, reds (during Christmas time only), and blues.