______ is my black

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  1. Frenziedhandbag inspired me to wonder how many of us have a color that it 'our black'. I know that for many people black is their black. But what about the rest of us? What's your "go to" color...or colors?

    Gray is my black. (NLG, Ardoise & Argento)
  2. Dark hunter green, cognac & deep purple (violet, plum) would be my go to..

    I just tend to treat colors as I would black..
  3. My new blacks are:

    Dark Blue (Tourmaline, Prusse)
    Burgundy/Purple (Quetsche, Gladiola)
  4. Brown is my black, the Ebano shade!
  5. Red. ️
  6. Metallic! And black, of course :smile:
  7. Ebano, Atlantic, and Camel are my blacks!
  8. My BV purple bags and metallics are my black. I do have one Nero, my well loved large belly. She is headed for an all expenses paid "spa" treatment next week because she is looking a wee bit tired on the corners.
  9. I'm with you Diane, grey is my black. Love to wear it, love to decorate with it. It's soft and stark and clean and warm all at the same time.
  10. Taupe
  11. metallic and dark blue!
  12. May I add Argento to my list?
  13. I am on the "Gray Team". Ardoise and NLG are the best neutrals for me.
  14. I have 2 that are my blacks: dark brown (ebano) & grey (ferro).
  15. black is my black :biggrin: :P :happydance: