=__= A Mad Shopping Day

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  1. Last weekend, my bf and I went to shopping. Then, we saw his friends (a girl and a guy). I was holding my Saleya pm that day. She saw my bag and ask me how much was my bag. I was like... euuh.. around 1000$CAD. Her reaction was --> WAT??:wtf: what brand is that? I said LV... She didn't t believee me and said LV ONLY COME IN MONOGRAM STYLE She said I NEVER SAW A LV LIKE THAT!!!! I don't even want to answer her afterward! AND her bf said.. I wouldn't choose this style for a 1000$CAD, it look like an OLD WOMAN BAG!!! I just want to kill them... I was mad.. coz it was a real LV and a valentine's gift from my bf!! I just think they have no right to judge my bag!!!!!! MAD X 10000.....:cursing:
    my bagss.jpg
  2. UGH! that is so annoying! Don't you just looove people that try to act like they know LV when they really don't?! Ugh whatever, YOU have the LV :yes:
  3. Don't let other people frustrate you. You know what you are carrying. As long as it makes you happy that is all that matters. Let other people think what they want.
  4. They obviously don't know what they are talking about.

    This is the thing with people....they should respect the fact that YOU appreciate the bag, and YOU were willing to spend the money for it. It's a personal thing - just like some people spend a LOT of money on a car, a home, a tv, etc.

    I am from Montreal too!
  5. ehh don't stress over little things like this. It's not worth it. There seems to be lots of people who claim to be experts at LV and don't even own one bag.
  6. HIS FRIENDS WAS FROM TORONTO hahaha... no offense for those who come from toronto!! Im really mad... U know what im saying!! :P
  7. I was mad bcoz they said it was a OLD WOMAN BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IM 22... and Im carrying it!! SOWAT!!!! hahaha it's not an OLD WOMAN BAG!!!
  8. i dont get the whole montreal toronto joke?
  9. dont worry , my boyfriend always calls me an old lady with my bags lol
  10. let them persist in ignorance, they are just idiots!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. about the Montreal - Toronto joke....

    there is a thing about montreal people thinking torontonians are boring, ignorants, etc

    a bit like the NY - LA rivalry
  12. no~no~ MJP and I are from Montreal... she thought it was happen in Montreal.. but I was in Toronto that weekend!!! :yes:
  13. Haters are always gonna hate, just keeps it real ! :graucho:

    And I'd like to say, I'm an awesome Torontonian, if I say so myself ! ;)
  14. My bf is a Torontonian toooo~~~ and he is great and he got me my SECOND LV in my life hohoh
  15. Don't let them put you down. They are probably jealous of you that they couldn't afford such bag and trying to make you feel like sh*t to spend that amount of $$ on it. You should feel proud that you know your LVs and some ppl are just trying to act like they do, but they don't.