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  1. Hi ladies, i am looking for a wallet to go with my batignalles vertical, any suggestions on as to what you have or your favorite? i have a good amount of cards ( library, drivers license, insurance etc) and i do carry cash and coins with me, nothing to big but something that is easy to access, thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe a Mono Insolite wallet?
    It's my favorite! :smile:
  3. I really love my mono sarah wallet.:tup:
  4. Sarah or Zippy
  5. I have had the Sarah wallet for almost 2 yrs and I love it. It still looks brand new.

    I though I would not like having a long wallet (use to french style wallets) but, it is very comact and functional.
  6. Do you prefer a long wallet or a half wallet, like a french purse?
  7. Zippy mono or Alexandra
  8. I love my Sarah wallet. It holds so much!
  9. Vernis zippy for sure!!!!
  10. ita!!
  11. I agree! Vernis wallets go great with Monogram bags :tup:
  12. I have a Boetie wallet that is super pretty and I love the twist closure!
  13. zippy!
  14. Zippy Wallet!