^_^ Some of my LVs

  1. Hi everyone,

    I love this forum to bits, I don't really have a very huge collection but I'd still like to share what I have with every baglover here. :shame:

    My Cerise Collection (I'm posting it up before they get broken up :cry: since I'm selling the wallet off.)

    My MC Black Sologne and MC Trouville!!:P *Sologne looks a lil old on me:cry:*

    Sarria Mini and Ribera Mini!:lol:

    Other bags(due to a dead camera:sad:):

    Damier Papillon 26
    Monogram Speedy 25/30/35
    Monogram Vavin PM
    Monogram Pochette
    Monogram Papillon 26
    Monogram Trouville
    MC Wapity
    MC Pochette
    Trompe O'Leil Pochette (Got it as a gift from Mom!:lol:)
    Celine Boogie
    Gucci Eclipse Bucket Tote
  2. Gorgeous collection.. Very nice.
  3. LOVE them ALL, esp. Ribera Mini!!!:love:
  4. Great collection. I love the Ribera too!
  5. I love your collection.
  6. nice! ive been wanting to have the ribera mini! i can't wait to see your other bags =)
  7. Very nice collection!
  8. sweet collection you have!
  9. Ooh! Can't wait to see pics of the Trompe L'oeil!
    The rest is fab, of course :smile:
  10. stunning
    love ur taste
    keep them coming!
  11. Very cute collection, it's too bad that the cerises family is divorcing !
  12. You have quite a collection!
  13. I would actually call your collection HUGE! And gorgeous! How do you decide which speedy to carry?
  14. That's quite a collection! Your Ribera mini is so cute =)
  15. great bags!