.99 cent item charging $10 SHIPPING?

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  1. Unfortunately I had bid on an item and about an hour before auction end, saw that this "weighs almost nothing" top that I bought was going to cost me $10 in shipping! I asked the seller several times to cancel my bid as the shipping costs were way high, and I told her I wouldn't pay that for shipping. She sent me back an email with tons of obscenities after I won auction and told her I wouldn't be paying.

    She's not going to be easy to deal with and only has 16 feedback and is confrontational off the bat over this small amount - how should I handle this? Go directly to ebay? she'll give me a NPB strike for sure....any thoughts?
  2. You probably won't like my advice, but I think you should pay for your purchase. It was you job to read the auction details before bidding. It's not the seller's fault you failed to read the shipping cost.

    At this point, you could pay for the item or take the NPB strike. You may be able to talk to eBay about the message from her, but I don't think they'll let you off the hook for the purchase.

    Consider this a lesson.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I think this is a scam by many sellers though to try to get more for an item due to a low starting bid - I will know from now on. It's not worth the NPB strike for $10.
  4. She probably is goig to stand to make a few $$ from shipping, and I've seen lots of sellers charging even more outrageous charges for shipping (hundreds of dollars). I would just make sure she ships in a timely manner and the way she says she will (First Class vs. Priority). Sorry she's a butt to deal with; that's never fun.
  5. I think seller's do this so their fees are less? Since the fees are based on the item amount and not the shipping.

    I agree that if you bid you should pay, however I'd have a very hard time sending someone money that let loose any obscenities at me, no matter the provocation. Very unprofessional. My feedback would reflect that.

  6. i agree,id probably pay but leave a neutral for the rudeness.
  7. Pay for it and then request a refund on the shipping.

    Ebay does have rules governing shipping charges.

    Here is what you CAN charge for:

    Actual shipping cost: This is the amount for shipping the item. It should be what you paid the carrier.

    Handling cost: This can include the cost of packaging materials and insurance cost, if any.

    Delivery Confirmation and extra services: If these options are offered to the buyer, you can only charge what they actually cost. Examples of services include:

    Certificate of Mailing

    Certified Mail

    Collect on Delivery

    Delivery Confirmation

    Registered Mail

    Restricted Delivery

    Return Receipt

    Signature Confirmation

    Special Handling

    Tax and government imposed fees: Only applicable federal, state, country, city, Value Added Tax (VAT), or equivalent taxes may be charged.

    And, what you CAN'T charge for:

    Insurance: You can't charge a separate fee for insurance, although you still need to make sure your item arrives as described.

    Tip: You should incorporate any insurance fees into an item's price or handling cost.

    Tariffs, duties, and customs fees: For cross-border transactions, you're not allowed to collect tariffs, duties, or customs fees. (Buyers may be responsible for paying these fees as required by country laws.)

    Tip: Remember not to inappropriately classify an item as a gift as a way to avoid certain duties, tariffs, or customs fees. U.S. law prohibits submitting false or misleading customs information.

    Related fees: Things like gas, mileage, time spent at a carrier, employee wages, or eBay and PayPal fees should not be added.
  8. How is she sending the item? A regular sized flat-rate box is nearly $8 with delivery confirmation at USPS.
  9. THIS!!

    Don't get a NPB strike over ten bucks! Pay it then request your refund. It is against eBay policies for sellers to make money on shipping.
  10. Thanks for this DS, I've got a similar situation in that I'm being charged €20 postage for a Hermes scarf ring. I've weighed one of my own in its pouch and box and it only weighs 30g! Even allowing for packaging (I would have thought a padded envelope would suffice) I should think it comes within most countries letters rates.
    She has agreed that the charge is too high but hasn't actually adjusted the invoice yet.
    Don't know whether to wait for her to make some adjustment on the invoice or try the route you suggest.
  11. I just want to chime in here and kinda vent. And this is totally my fault for thinking I could trust this person, but here it goes.

    I purchased a bag on ebay, paid the total invoice which included $10.20 for shipping, the listing said 2 different things, UPS ground and FedEx. So I ask the seller if I pay an additional $10.00 will you please ship it UPS 2nd Day air? She says yes no problem.

    Today she sends me a tracking number for USPS Priority??!!! I just wanted to get the darn bag for this weekend. So who knows.

    Back to topic. Once you pay and receive your item ask ebay to refund you the difference on the shipping. Good Luck
  12. if you are in the US and you bought the item from an overseas seller, then $10 is a pretty common shipping amount. remember overseas shipping is expensive.
  13. Pay for it. You didn't read the listing so take that as a lesson learned. I won't ask the seller for any money back. It's not like you won and the seller wanted to charge more money (than what was originally in the listing), the shipping price was listed and everyone can see it before the auction ended. When you bid, you agreed to pay that $10 shipping charge. Next time you don't like what a seller charges, simply don't bid on that auction.
  14. I also think you should just pay. It's the buyer's responsibilty to read the whole listing before bidding.
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