95th anniversary legacy satchel

  1. I am looking at the legacy satchel in either brown or black and am wondering if it keeps its form. I thought I read somewhere that the geranium is very soft and doesn't hold its shape. Is that true for either the brown or black as well? Any comments from fellow tPFers that own one of these would be appreciated. TIA
  2. 95th anniversary??? i believe its the 65th.
  3. IMO, this year's Legacy Satchels appear that they will hold their shape because the top has been redesigned to stand up and it's stiff. Also, the tab with the heavy dogleash no longer comes over the top.

    Last year's Legacy Satchels tops have a design that rolls into it's partially concealed zipper. I find that mine still holds it's shape eventhough the tab w/dogleash adds weight. But the Geranium is made from a softer pebbled leather and with the weight of the dogleash it will slouch into itself if it's not full.

    All are beautiful, but if you think that any slouching might annoy you, check out this year's design! Good Luck!
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    I had to do a triple take on the topic!!! :wtf:
  5. I knew it was the 65th too. Not sure what I was thinking when I typed it in - must have been in lala land.

    Thanks for the info Coachgrl.

    I am wondering if the bag sags in the middle (bottom of bag) when you have all of your things in it or is the leather on these durable enough so that it doesn't look like it is bowing. Does this make sense?
  6. I think we all do that ;)
    I needed a little giggle, so thanks! :tup:
  7. ^^ ITA that was cute!

  8. Do you mean if it sags at the bottom- like the LV Speedy's sometimes do?

    I have the Satchel in black, although I haven't had it long enough to see if it will remain durable. However, the leather seems great, and the bag itself to me seems like it will hold its shape quite well. :smile:
  9. yeah, the 65th