1. Today I listed an authentic tiffany bracelet that I bought myself AT TIFFANYS! And it was removed for trademark infringement! !@#$%^& :cursing::mad::rant::censor: I am REALLY angry. AND I'M NOT TRYING TO SOLICIT A SALE. But what can I do??? I don't wear it I want to get rid of it. eBay is BS. Their website is flooded with inauthentic products and then authentic products get removed???? Should I just list it again??? I can't believe this.
  2. eBay doesn't go around looking for auctions to pull. someone must have reported you or tiffany themselves got your auction pulled, sucks, try to contact eBay and talk to them about it. Ebay pulls both authentic and fake widgets. How can they tell the difference? Do you have a receipt from this purchase? If so you can fax it over to ebay and they'll allow you to sell your bracelet.
  3. I wouldn't surprised if eBay is pulling a lot of Tiffany auctions since they've been sued by Tiffany.
  4. ^^it's possible, but Tiffany has a couple of full time employees whose sole job description is to monitor Tiffany auctions on ebay.
  5. Then they really suck at their jobs.
  6. so sorry this has happened to you - hope you get a resolution soon
  7. I have noticed some auctions now say something like "vero, I have a receipt for this item -- it is authentic"
  8. LOL yeah there's only so much that can be seen in a picture. Tiffany & Co. thinks very highly of themselves, if they had it their way, no one would ever resell their Tiffany jewelry. I like them, but I don't like how they keep having price increases to discourage people from buying their silver jewelry
  9. I have to find time to get on the phone with ebay. I have a feeling this was a retaliation by someone who won one of my auctions and couldn't pay so I ended up relisting.

    I don't blame tiffany's for upping the prices on their silver. Around where I live in NY only 11-14 year old girls really wear it or trashy "guidette" types. They're covered in hearts on their wrists, necks, and ears.. they look ridiculous. I wouldn't want my brand or products to be associated with that. That's why I'm trying to get rid of my tiffany silver.
  10. Yes, I would definately contact ebay, don't relist. I was selling dunkin donuts syrup a while back. They emailed me which I took the wrong way. All I did was change the title and put it back on. I was then suspended - everything I had up for auction was taken off. There are some items, that I guess you just cannot sell on ebay. How did I know you can sell prada, gucci, LV but not DD? Had they been more specific I would of never relisted! Anyway, it was a pain but I did get back on after 10 days.
  11. LMAO!!!! do you live on Staten Island?
  12. no thank god, maybe an hour away. that's even more intense than where i live
  13. I hate ebay sometimes... I've been wanting to buy a 'return to tiffany's' bracelet but most on ebay are fakes. Lucky for me, there are very few in Yuma, AZ.
  14. I am sorry that this happened to you and I would suggest not to relist it until you get the issue sorted out with Ebay because they may suspend you for relisting a removed item :s

  15. tiffany in particular is harder to sell on ebay now. i thought it wasn't allowed until i was told otherwise recently. chanel, tiffany and lv get the most auctions pulled. try not to list things you don't have reciept for. i know that is a pain, but bear with it here!