$95 for shipping?!?!?

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  1. So I was on the RM site today and wanted to order a hobo strap for my new night MAM. I get to the checkout and they want to charge $95 for shipping to Canada?!?! For a strap that costs $35?

    Does anyone know if there is any other site that sells the straps or if they would do anything about the shipping? It just makes no sense to me!
  2. what?!? that seems ABSURD.
  3. I hear ya, it makes not sense. I dont think that I would even pay $95 shipping for a bag... it's just too much.
  4. Yah, the international shipping charges are really high! It's cheaper for me to get stuff mailed to my sis who's based in the US, and she then mails out the stuff to me.
  5. this is why i'm deliberating ordering the Nikki wine from RM's webbie :sad:
    (i'm in Singapore btw)
  6. $95! :wtf:

    I just checked USPS Priority Mail w/insurance is only $17.65 (up to 1 lb.), maybe you can ask someone in the US to order for you?
  7. I'm from Singapore too. :smile:
    If you use the vpost service, the shipping charges for a RM bag approx SGD60.
    Custom duties about 7% for purchases above SGD400.
  8. AHL, where in Canada are you?

    I know that just south of the border from Vancouver, theres somewhere you can ship your packages to and they charge you a small amount of the total value of your package to have it shipped there... my friends/family use it and love it.

    I think it had something to do with them taking care of the brokerage and customs charges for you... but it is still a ridiculously large amount of money to pay!!

    I bought a bag from the RM site and am having it shipped to family in the US, and picking it up when I'm down there in June... I would rather wait than pay the extra amount, or else I might have my family send it to me for less (and take an additional week or so getting here).
  9. Shipping charges are SO high on the RM website and i really wish they would look at it...i would probably buy more bags if it was cheaper.
  10. All in all they need to re-vamp their shipping costs and the way they ship. Didn't someone post they wanted 2 straps and it was going to be $40 in the US. If you are participating in the RAOK put it on your wishlist maybe your buddy can get it for you?
  11. For All you ladies outside of US:

    I use http://www.myus.com/ for all my shipments, they cost much less, I try to shop on sites that have free shipping to US and then use AccessUSA.
    There is a small set up fee of $20 and monthly charges of $7 or $30 yearly to set up the account. All my deliveries cost around $26-$55 depending on the weight of the shipment through them and are delivered in 2 days by DHL.
    You can track your shipment all the way, I am pretty happy.
    Plus I consolidate my shipments and save more.
  12. That was me! I wanted two straps but they were just going to double shipping rather than give me a break. Not $40.. but $20. It was $10 to ship 1 and if I ordered two straps they would charge me $20..? I think this is just from being a new company. Sooner or later they will realize that it makes sense to cut shipping A BIT if someone orders extra. Only makes sense or there is no incentive!

    As for ordering straps- I am pretty certain that you can only order straps from RM website as they are made to order. $95 is outrageous. I wouldn't even pay $95 to ship a heavy bag let alone a little strap. Ovey. Good luck!
  13. Hmm I didn't know that sites like 'myus' existed. It seems kind of sketchy to me.. but I am definitely going to consider using it esp. for sites that don't ship to Canada! Especially with the sample sale coming, I definitely want to snatch some bags through email or phone without pay $95 for International Shipping! Thanks Samia, for the site.
  14. well i ordered the Sage stamp MAB from the RM site and paid the $95 shipping~ when in fact when i got the package it said $36 on the shipping label~ go figure~
  15. thats great to hear samia~ i might consider that in the future~ i have wanted to go with one of those shipping sites for a while but couldn't find one that i was truely confident in~ since you've had such great experience i'll try your one! :tup: