$95 for a MbyMJ

  1. i happened to find this deal from google 10 mins ago and i placed an order right away since they r offering free shipping. it is such a good deal for a MbyMJ bag although i am not so sure about the color. the one color avaiable was the brown one. should i keep it? anyone has this bag? i would love to c a picture of it if u do :p.
  2. This is a really great price - you should post this in the MJ deals thread.
  3. OMG.. I have been looking for a wham for the longest time! I would have loved to buy the bag, especially at the great price! Let us know when you get it and please post photos if you can!! Congrats on such a great steal!

    Can I ask how you search on Google for sales? I can't seem to find anything!!
  4. thanks...i can't wait to get it. i hope it will look good. this is how i found the deal:
    type in "site:neimanmarcus.com NOW marc jacobs" at google.
  5. I think one tpf member got this bag in brown too. I don't remember who :p I heard the leather is super soft! Congrats on the great deal.
  6. That's a crazy steal! Congrats!
  7. Wow! Great price on a great bag!!
  8. killer deal!! enjoy the purchase