$929.99 Part-Time on let-trade

  1. wish i liked this style, the leather is amazing
  2. it does look very tempting, but i am a day kinda girl.
  3. very nice...so tempting--but i just bought an EB City...still tempting. :angel:
  4. I love the part-time.
    I love that color, too.
    I've never heard of that site before.
    Not such a good job with the bag description (color, name, etc.) LOL!
    Thanks for posting!
  5. I am targeting on another BBag, otherwise I will grab it. Is it a 2007 Marine PT?
  6. Looks like Marine or Ocean. Anyone??
  7. ditto all the way :yes:
  8. Just bumping this because I'd also like opinions on the color of this bag. It looks pretty dark...
  9. that bag is showing up under their "recently sold section." i don't think it's available anymore, it's not on their home page.