911 is not a dating service

  1. A very desperate idiot!!
  2. no kidding!
  3. Now, how could anyone honestly think that was a good idea?

    Clearly she's never heard of match.com or jdate!

    I pray to God she never finds a man just so she'll never procreate.
  4. poor cop. talk about dodging a bullet!
  5. I've been LOL for hours over this one.

    I live in/work for that county. I am going to have SO MUCH fun when I go to work Monday!

    We do have some damn fine officers.....LMAO. :roflmfao:
  6. The officer should be flattered but that woman is crazy.
  7. you have GOT to be kidding me :wtf:
  8. WOW, people never cease to amaze me. Some people should never be allowed to have children, and she's one of them!
  9. As the wife of a cop...I've gotta say that most men in uniform are HOT! :smile: LOL

    This was a pretty pathetic story, but honestly, there are a lot of people who think 911 is an information line. You should hear some of the stories the operators tell at our holiday parties. :upsidedown: :Push:
  10. they played that on our news here a couple of weeks ago and I almost died laughing! I'd be soo embarassed if I was that woman!
  11. That is too funny...
  12. weird. some people go to lavalife. others dial 911.
  13. this just makes me proud to be an oregonian...:rolleyes:
  14. Oh dear Lord! :hysteric:
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