90cm Silk Price Increase?

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
I couldn't find any info on this with the search engine, so here we go:

Full sized 90cm silk scarves on the website are still showing at $375. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have hubby buy me a Quintessence. This morning, I pulled out the receipt and it was $380. What's up with that? I know the 70cm, twillys and gavroches went up, but why would there be different prices in the boutique vs. the website? I know it's only $5.00, but after tax, that made it over $400. Can you say "OUCH!" :Push:

I'm done buying scarves in the boutique now. I'm sticking to the secondary market!!

Scarf Addict

Sieze The Day!
Oct 17, 2008
United Kingdom
Yes there do seem to have been some discrepancies. I bought a plisse in Bond St London in January for £285 yet on the website when I got home they were still selling for £260 but this has been sorted out now!!


Feb 21, 2009
That's strange - and it's also strange to have the price increases staggered. The pochettes went up right after the new year and I hoped the silks 90 cm would stay the same.
Jun 23, 2007
I purchased a pochette and a 90 from the boutique a couple months ago. The 90 rang up at $380 and the pochette at $150 (I think) I had to bring the receipt back the next time I was in the area, which was a long time later and get the credit. For some reason, the registers were ringing incorrectly. The pochettes did go up a bit, but I can't remember. The 90s, no. Not yet, anyway. We started a collection of the fairy tale pochettes and the first one was at the old price and the later ones were at the new price. I want to say $130.
I just realized I called the computers "registers." How old does that make me!!!!


Apr 23, 2008
The exact same thing happened to me Prada. I bought a scarf in the boutique a few weeks ago (right after the price increase took effect) and was charged $380 and then discovered that the website still had it listed at $375.

Yes, it's only $5.00, but wouldn't you think they'd be consistent!