90210’s Jason Priestly on his new baby

  1. Jason Priestly says his new baby daughter Ava is just like a rabbit -
    because she has urinated on him.

    The former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ actor - whose wife Naomi Lowde-Priestley
    gave birth to their daughter on July 2 - knew the tot loved him when she
    peed on him.

    Jason, 37, told Us Weekly magazine: “The other day I had her on my chest and
    she peed on me. But babies are like bunny rabbits. When they pee on you, it
    means they like you.”

    The actor also revealed the day Ava was born he was in complete awe of her,
    but when she cried all night he realized parenting was going to be hard

    He said: “The first time I saw her, time stood still. It took my breath
    away. But the day she was born she cried all night.

    “We came home from the hospital and were like, ‘Is this what it is going to
    be like?’ “

    But Naomi, 31, insists Ava’s night time tears have stopped.
    She said: “She is very mellow.”