90210 Season 5

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  1. Did anyone watch the premiere last night? I'm so glad the show is back on so I can get my eyeful of the hot guys and of course Naomi's fashion! :graucho:

    Also, on a side note, there's a petition floating around for a movie version of the original Beverly Hills 90210. I'd love to see a reunion!:P
  2. Yup I watched it. I am liking 90210 much better than Gossip Girl these days. I was certain Dixon was going to be killed off since towards the end of last season he seemed to hardly be on the show so I was most shocked he loved. Max and Naomi are cute together!
  3. I don't know who that new guy is that Adriana slept with in Vegas but he is a cutie pie!
  4. I'm liking it a lot better than Gossip Girl as well. I also thought for sure Dixon was going to be killed off because he wasn't in a lot of the photos showing the upcoming season. I'm not going to lie regarding Max & Naomi - I like them together but have always secretly hoped she and Liam would get back together.

    He was!!! He's gonna be trouble though!

    These are actually Season 4 questions but I'll post them here anyway, because apparently I missed something. I just watched the entire 4th season a couple of weeks ago so maybe I was multi-tasking and cleaning because I have a friend coming in town...
    Whatever happened to Naomi's sorority? Or her nemesis Holly?
    Remember the epi where Silver was dating the guy who adopted Adriana's baby? What happened with that? I know Adriana had kidnapped her from day-care...
  5. I am loving the wardrobes this season!

    I miss Ivy though, even though she was my least favorite girl on the show.
  6. Can I just say. I'm a littler annoyed with how easily people on this show get away with murder.
  7. I agree. The amount of people on this show who have been involved in a murder is beyond realistic.

    The whole Vanessa falling over the deck and into the water was so dumb. It was just last season that Liam was on the boat where the guy fell over into the water. They though he was dead and then he came back. I think we have not seen the last of Vanessa.
  8. I can't stand Vanessa. I also hope they don't bring Naomi's sister back, but I feel like Max's ex-fiancee will be popping up again at some point.

    Is Austin not coming back from Vegas?
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    Why is Naomi doing karate in this episode? That's kind of random. I love her character, but I was NOT feeling that outfit she was wearing when she broke into Alex's office.

    Excuse me while I continue to drool over Liam....
  10. *~*This show is not as good as it used to be, but it's not terrible. I am so glad that they are getting new love interests for Dixon, Annie, & Liam (or so it seems). Fresh faces are needed...*~*
  11. Ariana's love interest is beyond HOT, that stripper scene was ummm SEXY ha ha *fans herself* ha ha

    I'm trying to figure out what Alex's obsession with Max is, is he in love with him?
  12. ^^Maybe.

    Am I the only one who thought the system hack at Max's company was most likely from Annie's guy reversing Alex's tracking device on Naomi's phone?
  13. Sometimes this spin off is so close to the original 90210 that I'm not sure I really like it.
  14. Is Silver not having a baby with Teddy now? Liam was at the appointment with her.
  15. I am an episode behind, so I have not seen yesterday episode yet. Is it just me or has Liam got even cuter these past few episodes? :nuts: I just don't know what is different but boy he looks FINE lately.
    I think Naomi needs to find Alec a girlfriend to occupy his time. Maybe he would back off of her relationship if he got laid or something :lol: I would be happy to play that part! He is so cute to me. Lots of eye candy this season.
    I like Naomi's character but sorry Annalynne McCord is a horrible actress for that part. She is so extra with her actions and it comes off completely not believable or realistic.