$900 to spend...what to buy?

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  1. Okay...I haven't bought a new handbag in 2 years and I'd like a new one. I said I had $900 to spend because I live in the UK and so translated to USD that's rounded up to about my maximum (it is the next whole number!). I've been carrying a Rebecca Minkoff Cupid and I don't love it. I don't hate it...I just don't get any butterflies for it. I used to really love Belen Echandia but I just kind of fell out of love with the brand. No real reason...it just sort of stopped fulfilling my needs.

    My main needs:
    -Has to fit an iPad
    -Has to fit a decent sized wallet (one of those overflowing rectangular ones!)
    -Has to fit what amounts to a small shopping bag inside (this would be my ballet shoes, pointe shoes and miniature sewing kit)
    -Has to hold a Brita Fill'n'Go water bottle (or at least the bottom part of it so I can jam it in)
    -an inside pocket of some kind is preferable for my asthma inhaler
    -outside pocket of some kind is a must for my travel card (since I need to have easy access to it at all times and not reaching inside my bag and searching is important...so having it on the outside makes my life SO much easier!)
    -Has to have a crossbody ability

    I'm not that picky on brands...It just has to be a nice bag...preferably one that is easy to waterproof because it rains like crazy in London! So the dimensions of my Cupid bag are...

    Height: 11in / 28cm
    Length: 12in / 30.5cm
    Depth: 6in / 15cm

    So something around the same would be awesome. And it totally doesn't have to be $900! I just want a nice bag I can fall in love with...and not just kind of think, "ho hum...this is my handbag and it does the job". I miss LOVING my bag!!!
  2. Are you attached to leather? What about something from Longchamp or MZ Wallace? The Wallace bags in particular have a bunch of pockets. And they're nylon, so very waterproof. I think Longchamp also makes their bags available in leather.
  3. I also was going to suggest Longchamp le cuir.

  4. How about an LV speedy in damier ebene or azur. I have both prints and they are wonderful! I spilled an entire cup of coffee on de speedy and it just rolled off! Damier ebene so carefree. Also a speedy bandouliere ebene if you want versatility.
  5. Ok I know this might sound weird but how about a Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag? Mine does not look like a diaper bag at all and I often get compliments on it. It's rather large and part leather, part nylon and costs under $400. If you go to her website you'll see it. It also has side pockets for water bottles.
  6. It's called the "Knocked Up" bag and it looks like a bigger version of her famous mab bags. Oh and it has a crossbody strap too! $345.
  7. ooo I like the Longchamp Balzane Root bag or whatever!! Definitely exploring that one! I am kind of tied to leather, I love leather
  8. Is there some way you could get a good deal on a Mulberry Alexa? I remember there once was a Mulberry boutique on Rue La La.
  9. What about a 2nd hand Balenciaga City or Velo? Gorgeous bags, surprisingly durable.
  10. I've been looking at the Bbags...they look great...do they sit cross-body at your hips??

    (I am rejecting the LV suggestions because I am not a fan of patterns or the Speedy shape! I always dream of an LV Mahina XL...that's my dream LV bag!! When I have the money)

    I am also not a big Mulberry person...I guess I just like to carry bags that are not ubiquitous and LV and Mulberry are everywhere in London. I find that surprisingly Bbags are not!!

  11. Proenza Schuler PS1 would fit the requirements I think, except for expense. I love mine.
  12. I agree but then OP has to wait for the sales or buy it preowned.
  13. Balenciaga!!!!!! There are older ones with better leather and lower price
  14. Also, the balenciaga part time fits crossbody (a bit tight but it fits). The velo and town do too!