90% off at Bath and Body Works

  1. I don't know how many Bath and Body Works stores are offering this discount, but the Perimeter Mall store in Atlanta, Ga. had two tables full of great things for 90% off. There were also a few tables with 75% off. I got $30 lotions for 3 bucks. Also, the Gymboree store had these great 99 cents bins.
  2. hmmm...i might need to head out to perimeter!
  3. 90% off! so you only pay 10%? why does this not happen when I visit the US?
  4. whoa gotta go check this out tomorrow!
  5. I've been to Bath and Body Works for two days straight. Davies Gate bath soak reg. $21.00 on sale for $2.10!

    Great deals!!
  6. I'm going to go after work to mine to see if there is the same deals. I need new lotion so bad!
  7. white barn has some killer deals right now, too. they keep adding stuff to the 75% off tables. hehe.
  8. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. wow, thanks. i have been hanging around that place for the last 2 days and got some good deals. DIsney store is also having a awesom sale. i have to bribe the kids to go with me to BBW by telling them DIsney is right next store!
  10. I went today and got some great deals on White Barn candles and Bath & Body Works. They have a great new fresh scent that I absolutely love :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:. Thanks for the heads up. I'm stocked up for the year.:yahoo:
  11. I got the LCM Face Lotion and Night Lotion earlier this week, but it looked like everything was going quickly
  12. do the stores get packed during these 90% off sale?
  13. went to my bbw and they didn't have no sign of 90 percent off, it must be only selected stores.
  14. ^the 90% off stuff goes FAST. it could smell like crap and people will still buy it, just because it's 90% off!