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    As ridiculously disturbing and bizarre as this appears, I do believe that this is an extremely pathetic form of attention whoring that the viral internet allows to create.
    I do not know much about suicide, and I hope that she doesn't prove me wrong for her own and her friend's sake. I just do not think that this is how suicide works.
  2. Whenever I see things like this I get angry; here she is saying she's going to commit suicide because our generation hasn't expressed anything major (to her at least) when there are so many people who have so much to live for, yet can't.

    Such a waste to have been given the gift of Life if this is she's going to do with it.
  3. In my opinion, this is probably either a marketing campaign for some independent film, or a phenomenal internet hoax idea. If the person behind the site was smart, they'd never lead on that it was fake, and on Day 90, they'd just stop posting. No "revelation", no "just kidding", just stop posting. Make people wonder if it was real or not forever. It could go down in history as one of the best viral hoaxes ever.

    As a side, I do think Blogspot/Google should pull the blog. I'm not about censorship or anything, but you really don't want copycats. Suicide is viral in itself. I could see this blog setting up others (teenagers mostly) to feel like it's a good idea to do. :oh:
  4. I agree, it does sound pretty attention seeking to me. I doubt many people about to commit suicide thinks first "I know I'll write a 90 day blog about it". With it being the internet aswell, you have no idea if they mean any of it at all. Like you said it's probably some internet whore trying to get a bit of net fame.

    Picture taken from her site.

  5. Seriously disturbing.
  6. Wow.....very disturbing..I'm thinking this is a hoax....let's hope?
  7. WTH? I think stuff like this is so pathetic. Not only is it pointless (probably something to make themselves feel that someone is actually interested in them), but it could be really influential, like said above, to some teens that would think, hey why not? That just upsets me..
  8. This is a slippery slope, but I have to agree.

    ...is it just me or does her depression not come out in her writing? More like she's obsessed with suicide as an option for people.
  9. I just read through it all, it is definitely an attention thing. She is claiming that she is atheist/existentialist, therefore she has nothing to live for? Well she definitely misunderstood Camus. She doesnt sound depressed, this is simply disturbing, I hope noone actually sees this and thinks its "cool" i.e. attention-seeking teenagers and copy her.
  10. that can't be real. suicides rarely let others know their plans. i think this may be a hoax. boredom is a curse
  11. I agree, this blog seems more like attention seeking than anything else. The sad part is there are teens out there who are suicidal and thinks the "author" of this blog is some kind of hero or something..this is pretty sick!:sad:
  12. Oh man.

    Why on earth would anybody want to write about that on a blog. As a matter of fact, why would you want to write about it at all?

    Just attention seeking. :sad:
  13. :wtf: I actually felt nauseated reading this. Really sick. At first it draws you in....then it makes you think 'what has the internet become?'....and then I agree with lilflobowl that it's a waste of a life.
    Hoax or no hoax, it's seriously strange and disturbing. What's worse is if it's TRUE! Then we can be blamed as a society that we didn't pay attention to the poor girl that gave us all 3 months to help.
    It's really a sick sick blog. And you know the adage which seems to be true that there are always "signs" about maybe trying to reach out or something.......and what's a better way than this? It just all looks too "pretty". Those "slash marks" she put on her wrists were so perfect - her nails were done so nicely as well. That's not a person in the throes of despair, is it? I DON'T KNOW!!! I wish a psychologist or someone on here would help. Hey - do you think Dr. Phil is a TPF Member? :lol:
  14. Agree.
  15. ok the blog is bad enough but did you check out the comments people left on day 84 (caution adult content)

    The internet is full of freaks (present company excluded of course)