90 Day Fiance

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  1. Sorry if there's already a thread on this - I did a search and couldn't find anything.

    Does anyone watch this show? I find it to be more interesting than most of the reality shows out there now. I have a friend who moved to the US from England after meeting his now-wife online, and he's told me how difficult the process is.

    They got a pretty interesting group of people - Kirlyam & Alan are my favorite to watch, they seem the only two who are actually in love with each other, but I could see if Kirlyam went into modeling (she's freaking gorgeous) it could drastically change their relationship.

    I feel bad for Mike (the guy from Ohio) - he was obviously lonely when he met Aziza, and it's SO obvious she's with him for all the wrong reasons. She's not affectionate at all, and even admitted it wasn't until she was denied a work visa that their friendship turned into a relationship. Of everyone, they're the only couple I really don't see standing a chance of getting married at the end of the time. He even bought her a return plane ticket....you just have to feel bad for the guy, he took out a second mortgage to fund all this stuff.

    I like Russ, he's really cute and seems like a decent guy but Paola is definitely taking advantage of his checkbook. She seems attached and is sweet to him, but if his money ever ran out who knows.

    So is anyone else watching??
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  2. I want to watch because the whole overseas online bride thing fascinates me, but I guess I keep missing it. Tried to watch online but it doesn't look like TLC airs their stuff online? I will have to catch a marathon at some point.
  3. i'm watching! i'm glad it's not a show about mail order brides. All of these couples physically met before they applied for the visa to bring the girls over.

    all of the couples get married.

    Louis' ex wive is nuts and controlling. I'm sure she didn't think nothing of letting her kids around her current husband when they started dating.
  4. Right. I saw the previews for this and I keep missing it. I need to catch a marathon!
  5. I couldn't believe she wanted to confirm his GF was on birth control, she they had decided there would be no more kids?.. People change their mind and if he wants to have kids with his wife what business is it of hers?
  6. Azizia does not want to be with Mike, it is painfully obvious IMO. I think she just wants to be in the US and does not care what she has to do to be here.

    Louis' ex-wife is a piece of work asking Aya if she is on birth control and the whole no kids thing.
  7. What channel?
  8. If that man does not grow a spine his ex wife will be the demise of this new relationship. She's something else. I do not see the fiancé putting up with this for long. She's 30 years old - not some young, naive girl - with a mind of her own.

    I think that the girl from Brazil is gorgeous. I felt really bad for her having to stay with his parents. As if being in the US under these circumstances is not difficult enough without being separated from him much of the time. I think her English is so cute too.
  9. TLC, Sunday nights right after SisterWives at 10:00 pm

    Edit - I am not in the US so not sure if this info is applicable to you
  10. I like her, she is my favourite...I wasn't paying much attention during the 1st episode, does he works away from home for weeks at a time? That could be very stressful for her
  11. Yay I'm glad I'm not the only one! Haha.

    I agree about Louis' ex-wife...asking if his fiance is on BC is NONE of her business. He did the right thing by ending that lunch and getting the check as soon as she said that (unless it was clever reality tv editing) but he should've put her in her place and TOLD her it was none of her business and entirely inappropriate that she asked.

    The preview for next week made me feel bad for Aziza - Mike's mom and sister asking her why she couldn't just meet someone in Russia and making her cry at her bachelorette party! I know they have their doubts about the relationship (heck I would/do too) but that is NOT the time/place for it.
  12. I REALLY want them to do a follow up in 6 months. I'm betting that neither of them will be together for longer than they have to.
    Paola will drain the bank account, then move to someone richer.
    The rest will realize that there are better matches for them here in the states.
  13. 10:00 eastern time / 9:00 central -- other time zones I'm not sure about :smile:

    Russ is the one that will leave for work for weeks at a time because he works for the oil industry? something like that. I think in the next episode Russ might have to leave for awhile (but I'm kinda thinking he doesn't).
  14. Did anyone else watch the finale?
  15. How did these couples meet, online? or like a dating service "mail order bride" type thing? I have not watched all the episodes but I've watched here and there.

    Aziza seems painfully awkward, all her scene's I feel bad for her like at her bachelorette party and random dinners with the fam! I DVR the last episode so I will catch up later.
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