90 CM Cashmeres....Let's Show, Tell, and Enable!!

  1. I am becoming hooked on these 90cms!!! It seems my store always has such a great selection of these, there is always one that is swoonworthy.

    Have you been bitten by the 90cm cashmere bug??
    Or are you feeling like a GM cashmere is sometimes too much?

    Lets share our 90cm cashmeres....


    I fell madly in love with this Sur un Tapis Volant in 90cm.
    I also loved the lesser hit to the Amex!



    Another love at first sight 90cm...
    The salmon accent on this one is a great surprise. It also comes in an amazing blue cw...

    Jardins d'Armenie



    Would love to see more of these!!!
    STV cash 2.jpg STV cash action1.jpg JA3.JPG JA 2.JPG
  2. Hi CB--

    I shouldn't have opened this thread, too tempting! Beautiful!
  3. CB, I'm glad you started this thread! I have my first cashmere PM on the way. (I was very naughty last week--financial crisis? What financial crisis?) Will do a reveal here when it arrives. I loooove your Tapis and Armenie!
  4. Oh no! Put a warning sign on this thread.
    It's too beautiful.
  5. i didn't even know about the 90 cm cashmeres! (other than H.com ones) :nuts: i want one!
  6. You look gorgeous, CB! Those cashmeres are yummy!
  7. My mini BdG in cashmere/silk. I love that scarf!!!
    Brides de Gala cashmere.jpg
  8. OH, this is gorgeouso C!! And look at you, you look amazing, the epitome of an Hermes summer!!


    Hey, just one darn minute......Are you living my imaginary garden party life?????
  9. LOL, CB - I wish!!!

    May I return the compliments, I think you look absolutely wonderful!

    The 90 cashmere carree was what planted the idea of a bigger cashmere in my head.
  10. Oh wow!! Cblu, they are gorgeous. I especially love the Jardins one!!
    Here is my Couvertures et Tenue. The pictures are not too sharp though.
    I also had a La Presentation one, which I gave to my step-daughter.
    shawl 006.jpg shawl 007.jpg
  11. hello, love the colours on your BdG, gorgeous on a cashmere.
    I love the way you have tied it too.
  12. Oh my goodness Raz! I love it!!! Ahhhh...
  13. hello, I wish H would bring this out in a GM shawl (if you are reading H, please ???)
    I love how the straps look 3D.
  14. My oh my........I need those 90´s too......this is what I am calling big enabling;) gorgeous shawls!!!!! CB, Raz and Hello...absolutely stunning!

  15. Beautiful Raz!!
    And your avatar gets me everytime, LOL!!!