9 years on eBay and today I filed my first dispute ever. :(

  1. I bought a Kate Spade Thompson Street suede hobo in purple (natch!) off eBay 10 days ago, and since then, the seller has been completely missing in action. No emails, no response to any of my emails, no nothing. I did the "get members info" thing yesterday, to get their phone number and let them know that I was getting ready to escalate this to the next level. And finally, today, I got the nerve to call the number.

    Grrr. It's disconnected. Why am I not surprised?

    So I opened a dispute with eBay and PayPal and we'll see if that's enough to goose the seller into doing the right thing. The nerve of this person -- the auction says that if you don't pay withing 5 days, you'll get reported as a non-paying bidder. I paid within 5 hours, and look where it got me. :cursing:

    After all the horror stories I've read here about PayPal never doing the right thing, I'm hoping this will work out as it should. Worse comes to worse, I won't hesitate to do a chargeback if it looks like the only way I'll get my money back. Sigh.

    All I wanted was a purple handbag. Is that so wrong? :yucky:
  2. Glad you filed the dispute, also as their number is disconnected you can leave negative feedback immediately without the fear of retaliation as they will be unable to leave feedback for you. Report the bad phone number to ebay.
    I'm sure you will receive a refund, it's just a pain having to wait & worse not getting the bag you wanted.
  3. I had 7 auctions end today and with the stories I hear, I wait to see who will not pay, who will do a chargeback, who will change their mind. These were the last of my Chloe bags, so far 3 have paid...I have a few more things to list next week and then I'm done as a seller on ebay. I've been on since 1998 but its just too stressful now....not to mention high ebay and PayPal fees! yikes!

  4. No if they are still registered on ebay they can leave her neg feedback as well.
    I would hold off on the neg feedback until you have got your money back. If the seller does not have proof of shipping you will win your paypal case hands down. The only problem you will run into is if the seller has already removed the funds from the account & paypal can not collect for you. Then you can file a charge back & get your money back.

    If the seller can not prove shipping & delivery the buyer will always win the paypal dispute.

    You can email ebay that the seller has false contact info but that wont get them suspended.

  5. this may only apply to the UK but:

    If a persom has emtpied their account paypal will put the account im debit and then chase the selller for the money but the buyer will get their money back.

    false contact details on ebay do get a person suspended.
  6. I got a Coach bag for a great deal then the person got kicked off eBay. I was panicking for a few days cause they weren't responding to my emails but after the 3rd day, right before I was gonna call them, they responded stating that their account is under review by eBay but they sent the bag out already. Whew!

    I know some sellers just send out the bag after payment and there's no communication after paying them and stuff. Maybe that's the case with yours? I know that when I win something, I pay for it immediately and just wait for the box to come. LOL.

    I hope this gets resolved soon!
  7. It's now been 11 days without a peep of any kind, not even after I emailed via eBay messages (which usually does the trick for non-communicative sellers in my previous experience) and not even after I did the "get member info" thing (which REALLY usually does the trick when a simple email "how's it going?" does not). And if they still haven't made any response now that they are getting emails directly from the PayPal Resolution Center, well at this point I will be surprised to hear anything from them ever. I was really actually hoping for an outraged "oh you silly impatient buyer" by now, but nope, not a peep.

    This was the first time I have ever even had to make a phone call, and the fact that the phone number doesn't work is what made me finally open the dispute. The whole thing gives me the feeling that this person has just decided for whatever reason to go AWOL on this transaction, and if that's the case, then give me my damn money back. Cripes.

  8. It must be only in the UK because with every dispute I have had to file they always "try" to get all my funds back but so far to date I have only had 1 claim paid back in full.

    I run about 200 auctions per week & have NPB up the a** I always request the contact info & call their home if they do not respond to my NPB notice.
    If the number is not correct I report it to ebay for false contact info. Not once has one of the accounts been suspended. It must be ran different on the ebay.uk site?? I wish it was the same. It would help get rid of all the NBP:cursing: :cursing:

  9. Still nothing? =(
  10. It is good that you opened a dispute since this is the only way to get your money back and you can only do it within a certain timeframe.

    Did you pay with a credit card through paypal as well? If so, this will help.

    I had a terrible experience - was scammed for $950 and it took 9 months to resolve it. Paid right away and never got the bag. I even had confirmation from Royal Post that the bag never left the UK. And the seller relisted the same bag.

    Luckily I paid with Amex who was not the easiest to deal with but at the end they gave me buyer's protection.

    Both ebay and paypal left me out to dry.
  11. Well what do you know....my seller has reappeared, just under the 2 week mark. She apologized and said she had "personal issues" (I'm sorry if that's true, but why is that always the reason?) and that the purse is ready to send out tomorrow.....Parcel Post.

    So I responded with this reply (which I also posted to the open PayPal dispute in the Resolution Center for completeness):

    I'm glad to hear from you at last, and hope that all is well. Since I did not hear from you for over 10 days after I had already paid, I opened a dispute with PayPal, of which you should be aware by now. Since the dispute can only be held open by PayPal for 20 days before it is either escalated to a claim or closed, I have to make sure that I will be receiving the item before October 7th, when that timeframe ends. Therefore, I will need a tracking number or other verification that the item has been shipped and will arrive before that date. This protects both of us, since neither of us can control delivery time after shipment. I understand that the original auction stated Parcel Post would be used; however, I believe it is reasonable to expect that a faster form of shipping should be used in light of the almost 2 week delay, and the current status of the transaction. If this is unacceptable, then we can cancel the transaction and you can refund my money in full. Thanks!

    Fingers crossed she agrees to just refund my money. :smile: And thanks to you all for all the good pointers on how to handle this every step of the way.
  12. ^^ I hate the personal issue excuse but I can never tell what if it's real, KWIM? *sigh* I hope you get your $ back in this instance cause it will take more time if she sends off the package. Sheesh.
  13. Well, it looks like the fun is finally almost over. I still haven't received any other communication from the seller since that single 2-weeks-late email, but today there was a card in the door from the USPS, saying that I have an insured package to sign for at the Post Office. So I suppose that's the bag at last. I was hoping for a refund, but if this is the bag that I am supposed to be receiving, then that will be fine by me. I just want it all to be over and done with. I've already decided, though, that I'm just not going to leave feedback at all. I can't leave positive after all this, and I just know that if I leave anything else, I'll get the dreaded retaliatory neg, so screw it. This whole mess has made me reconsider buying anything else on eBay, unless it's from one of the very few buyers I've already found to be trustworthy. I don't have the time or energy for this kind of drama again.
  14. ugh, I just requested a total amount from a seller for two pairs of shoes I want to pay for and i've heard nothing. Maybe i'm being crazy but I would respond to those right away! I also requested because if you purchased more than more pair, the second pair was + 5.00 shipping (instead of 10, which is crazy enough).
  15. Is it the bag? I hope it's worth all the hassle!