9 years of obession - here they are.....(I was bored today)

  1. Hello ladies - I'm fairly new, I have been lurking on this wonderful forum for a bit.

    I decided to kick off my introduction by displaying photos of all the designer bags and other accessories I own.
    So what happens when you mix 9 years of collecting or obesessing and a day of boredom???

    here they are....
    louis(2).JPG gucci.JPG fendi.JPG dior(2).JPG vintage.JPG
  2. love your clutch collection!! thanks for posting :heart:
  3. super cute!
  4. nice collection :smile:
  5. Very nice collection thanks for sharing!
  6. Love you collection AND your avatar!

    Thanks for sharing!
  7. Love your pochettes
  8. great collection! :yes:
  9. great collection :woohoo:
  10. wow great collection:heart:
  11. amazing bags i hope to have a collection like that one day thanks for sharing!
  12. love your collection!!
  13. amazing collection, the clutches are beautiful!
  14. nice collection!
  15. tnx for sharing