9-to-5ers - Best Button-Downs?

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  1. All,

    I neeeeeed to hit refresh on my workday wardrobe. When I started work, I purchased Banana no-iron button-downs and loved 'em. They're looking worse for their wear by now, though, and the quality at BR has gone down since I last shopped there.

    Looking to take a small step up as well, brand-wise.

    Any recommends?

    Also - looking at Brooks Brothers. Which fit really is the best fit? Tailored, fitted, classic?

    Thank you!!!
  2. My best tips are...

    Suits by Theory
    Silk shirts from Everlane if you are in the US or Issa Who if you are in Europe
    Other tops from Zara
  3. I love silk blouse by Victoria's Secret, they are not the nicest, but very affordable.
  4. equipment shirt/blouse....
  5. I LOVE Hugo Boss anything! Quality and fit is incredible!
  6. I like Theory or Equipment button-downs. Both brands are well-made and have breathable, comfortable fabrics.

    I personally did not find the Brooks Brothers button-downs to be breathable. I felt like they made me very warm during the day. I also found that they didn't wear as well as Theory or Equipment.
  7. Brooks Brothers 'Tailored' fit shirts fit me like a dream. I love how they nip in at the waist and don't gap at the bust. I haven't had a problem with breathability. Hugo Boss has beautiful shirts, but they don't quite fit my shape as well as BB. Good luck in your search!
  8. I work in a formal environment and my daily work uniform is a suit (pencil skirt or slim pant) from the Limited and either a silk or cotton button-down.

    My favorite silk shirts are my Equipment "Brett" and "Slim Signature" shirts, with my Everlane rounded collar silks as a very close second. The only downside to Equipment is price. Each shirt runs around $200 whereas Everlane's are $80!

    For cotton shirts my go-tos are my J. Crew "Stretch Perfect" shirts. They are very durable!
  9. I love Express button downs they last forever for me
  10. Jcrew has been my go tos.