9 By Design on Bravo


in an orange abyss
Nov 24, 2008
Did anyone catch this preview on Bravo? It's a reality show based on a couple with 6 kids with another one on the way who live & work in New York as a design team. They basically move into spaces, completely renovate them & move on.

Their design aesthetic is really chic & interesting. For instance, they purchased a gun shop in Soho, rezoned it, gutted it & built up 5 stories with outdoor spaces including a domed basketball court on the rooftop. I'm also loving a lot of the lighting choices I've seen so far.

I have no idea how they manage to run a successful business in a stressful industry, take care of their many children & stay remotely sane (or groomed for that matter). It looks like a good series - the show seems more focused on the design aspect versus exploiting the kids à la Jon + Kate, et al. The first episode is April 13th.


Jan 31, 2010
I did not see the preview ( I am a bit behind on the DVRd shows ) but they were profiled in the New York Times llast year. I will definitely watch, they sound like they would be enjoyable to follow