9,525 Miles Across The Globe,Here They Are........

  1. My first purchases from BalNY, LE Magenta RH & Jaune Makeup Clutch. :yahoo::heart::yahoo::heart::yahoo:



  2. wow both are really gorgeous!
  3. And now here is my complete Happy Jaune Family! :party:

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!:love: Congrats, Nada!:yahoo:
  5. WOW! GORGEOUS, GORGEOU!!! Though I am sure that you already know that! I LOVE the Magenta with the RH! And that MU is soooo adorable and delicious looking:drool:!

  6. I think I will print this pic so I can stare at it 24/7! FABULOUS BAGS AND ACCESSORIES!!!
  7. So you like Jaune huh?!!!

    I've got a Jaune make up coming to me this week too

    Yay for your gorgeous bags!!!
  8. OMG!!!!! I thought the first set of pics were GREAT but then I saw your Jaune family and my eyes popped out of my head!!!! LOL!:p GREAT collection!
  9. holy moly!! sunshiney day at sunshine island!! :heart: your juane family, makes me happy just seeing the color!! congrats on all the pieces.
  10. fayden, MarieG, Romie-Omie, bern, thanks for your sweet comments.:smile:

    Yes bern, Jaune is my lucky color!!!;)
  11. OMG....they r gorgeous:yahoo:

  12. congrats on your LE magenta and your cutie MU! love them both. love your jaune collection too!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Oh what a fabulous collection!! Such a vibrant color :yahoo:and the LE Magenta - congrats!! Love love love the MU.
  15. :nuts: your collection! suuny collection in sunny island (Singapore? :graucho:)! congrats!