9/11/07 - I saw these at Barneys, Seattle today!

  1. OK - here's what they had today at 1:30pm. Ask for Gregory or Martha, 206-622-6300.

    Jaune Day with SGH
    Plomb work w/GGH :drool:
    Plomb hobo w/GGH
    French blue city w/SGH
    Brief w/SGH in anthracite, black
    Anthracite Besace w/SGH

    There are others, too!

    No violet, no pine
  2. Did they have any coin purses? If so, do you know what colors? TIA!!!
  3. Why oh why now when I'm flat broke.....:crybaby: Me wanna French Blue City....
  4. Did French Blue City come with SGH??
  5. I was there yesterday I didn't see any coin purses.
  6. I'm wondering the same thing...I thought it just came with GGH...:confused1:
  7. Maybe the French Blue was actually an Ocean SGH?
  8. Did they have a sandstone city or PT, thanks
  9. french blue only came in gold gardware.

    me thinks its ocean with the silver giant hardware
  10. I called Barney's Seattle yesterday and they told me they had 2 coin purses - one in black and one in "True Red". The SA I spoke to was Greg. He seemed very knowledgable and sweet.