9/02/06 - BalNY is now brimming with new stock!

  1. I saw it with my own eyes this morning. While at Balenciaga I glimpsed through the open stock room door: shelves upon shelves upon shelves of all sorts of bbag styles and colors!

    FYI -- According to BalNY, they received a huge (HUGE) shipment of bags this week which include the following:

    And those are just the bags in the 'Motorcycle' series.

    (not that I'm trying to tempt you, or anything... :angel: )
  2. ahh.. now i wanna get a box cuz people said it's being dc?!

    but i just got my rouge vif city..

    thanks for the info tho :flowers:
  3. Thanks for the info gina! Did you get anything???
  4. wow, that's wonderful news gina, thanks so much for the update!!! :flowers:
  5. Wow! pale pink? Is this a new color for 2006? I thought that was an '05 color...which one was it?!
  6. this one is from spring 06 i believe....
  7. oops it was '06...i've been looking for one of those! Time to make a call!
  8. :drool:
  9. :nuts: :drool:
  10. ;) What season is forest green from?
  11. forest green = sapin, so its from fall 06, i believe
  12. WOW... so many bags! what does the weekender with longer handles look like?
  13. i think i'll make a call tomorrow....might order a forest green or truffle box!
  14. Whoo! Thanks for the update! I'm going to NY in October, but I think the stock will have changed by then, lol!
  15. gals, just wanted to let you know the blueberry purse is sold out :girlsigh: